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    Since its establishment in 2015,

    We are the LED screen supplier engaged in indoor and outdoor full-color LED displays, and has become one of the leaders in the field of LED displays.

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    WHO WE ARE ?

    EagerLED, a Leading LED Screen Manufacturer  with 14 Years' Experience, Supplying High-grade SMD LED Display for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Rental LED Display, Front Service LED Screen, Flexible LED Screen, Poster LED Screen, Transparent LED Screen, Indoor HD LED Display and Perimeter LED Display.

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    EagerLED, Established in 2009, Have Built Good Relationship with LED Display Material Brands, like Nationstar, Epistar, Novastar, LINSN, Meanwell and MBI, Meet Customized Requirements, Design and Produce Various LED Display Screen Products, Do Free Technical Support & After-sale Services.

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    High-quality LED Screen with CE,RoHs,FCC,UL Certificates; Strict Quality Control and Efficient Company Management;  Professional Overseas Sales Team&Technical Engineers;  Provide Customized Products with High Efficienty;  Be Responsible, Do What We Promise, Eager for Strategic Partnership.

Indoor HD LED Video Wall

Indoor LED screen is a kind of LED display used in the indoor environment, with wide vision, high reliability, long lifetime, lightweight, convenient installation and easy maintenance, etc. EagerLED is a global-leading HD resolution LED Display manufacturer, we offer high quality, high stable HD LED display with the features of ultralight weight, ultra thin thickness, excellent performance, seamless splicing, and more.

indoor & outdoor Rental LED Display

Rental LED screen is the best option to stand out in any event, since it is possible to configure and modify the screen size. Therefore, it is a very versatile alternative for professionals in the audiovisual sector. EagerLED offers a complete range of indoor & outdoor rental LED screen products for events, stages, stores, television studios,boardrooms, and other venues. As a LED screen rental company, our rental led display screen provide good resolution and image quality as good as the best permanently installed LED screens offer. You can choose the right series for your rental applications.

Commercial LED display Screen

Commercial LED screen can be installed on the top or facades of buildings, major highways, bus stations or other places. LED commercial advertising display screen can display your advertisements and information 24/7 hours, and the long service life make sure your investment worthwhile and profitable. EagerLED offers plentiful product categories of indoor & outdoor commercial LED display with various pixel pitches for advertising, hotels, stores, governments, subways, enterprises, shopping malls, banks & stock exchange centers, train & bus stations, airports and so on.

Transparent LED Screen

The transparent LED screen is the led screen which has the property of transmitting light like glass. It is usually installed behind the window glass and perfectly combined with the glass. EagerLED transparent screen continuously develops and upgrades, optimizes and transforms. It features high transparency, ultra light weight, smart control, simple, plug and play, High refresh rate, light transmittance up to 70%. The outdoor transparent LED display panel greatly reduce wind resistance, better cooling effect, without affecting the indoor vision.

More LED Displays board

EagerLED also has soft flexible LED display screen, advertising poster LED screens, grid LED display screen, every LED screen we launch meets industry standards, ask us for a quote now!

LED Display Cases

EagerLED is a professional LED screen manufacturer and solution provider. We provide the most reliable products and the highest quality service for global projects. Each product has undergone professional and rigorous testing, reflecting EagerLED's continuous pursuit of high quality.

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With competitive prices and a high level of quality, our products have gained confidence in many overseas countries. We have established good relationships with customers in many countries.

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