Rental LED Screen Case

      A Congo customer ordered 164 pieces of P2 EA640C2 indoor rental LED screens from us, which will provide an excellent visual experience for their scenes. The huge display panels made up of these LED screens are as high as 26.24m x 2.56m, which is very suitable for use in scenes such as churches, sports fields and stages.

      First of all, the two sides of the cabinet of the EA640C2 led screen are equipped with two quick locks and positioning balls. This design not only ensures the flatness of the screen, but also greatly improves the efficiency of assembly and disassembly. The advantage of this design is that it saves time and labor costs, and at the same time ensures the stability and consistency of the display, thereby creating a clearer and more coherent visual effect.

      Secondly, EA640C2 adopts a special heat dissipation and waterproof structure. Its heat dissipation effect is excellent, which can effectively reduce the heat generated by the LED screen during long-term high-brightness operation, and maintain the stable operation of the screen. The waterproof design adopted is also very good, ensuring that the screen can run stably for a long time in a humid indoor environment, even if it is subjected to a lot of water splash or a climate with high humidity, it can also guarantee the normal operation of the screen. At the same time, this LED display adopts a fanless design and is completely silent during operation, providing users with a more comfortable and quiet environment.

      EA640C2 also has a perfect cabinet design. The appearance of the cabinet is beautiful and elegant, and the use of high-quality materials and fine processing technology makes the entire LED video wall look very high-end and professional. The processing technology of the cabinet is strictly controlled to ensure the accuracy of the frame connection and realize the seamless splicing display of images and videos. This high-precision splicing technology enables the screen to present a very clear and delicate picture no matter it is viewed from a short distance or from a distance, bringing perfect visual enjoyment to the audience.

      To sum up, the 164 pieces of P2 EA640C2 indoor rental LED screens ordered by Congo customers have the characteristics of quick installation, excellent heat dissipation and waterproof performance, perfect cabinet design, and high-precision seamless splicing display. Whether used in churches, stadiums or stages, these LED displays can bring shocking visual effects to the audience, adding more excitement and visual impact to activities and performances.

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