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Common Applications and Characteristics of Rental LED Displays

June 26, 2023

      With the wide application of LED display screens in the market, in recent years, its excellent advertising ability has been recognized and favored by more and more businesses. And other occasions are keen on LED rental equipment, which has also become a convenient, efficient and cost-saving important choice for merchants. In this article, we will explore the common applications and characteristics of rental LED displays.

  1. 1. What is a rental LED display

      Rental LED display refers to LED display modules professionally produced to meet the needs of temporary large-scale advertisements and performances on specific occasions. It can provide LED display module rental services of various sizes and resolutions for various industries to adapt to different needs. Formal requirements and budget. Leasing LED display screens generally adopt the method of leasing, which can effectively reduce the cost of customers, and at the same time meet the needs of customers for temporary high-quality LED display on a specific occasion.


       The use of rental LED display can not only highlight the theme of the event, strengthen brand promotion, but also realize various effects such as digital playback, sound and light interaction, special effect background, etc., attract the attention of the audience, improve the effect and quality of the event, and serve customers Bring more business benefits.


  1. 2. Common applications of rental LED displays

      Due to its high definition, wide color gamut and high contrast, rental LED displays are widely used in stage performances, commercial exhibitions, conference displays, sports events, fashion displays and other fields. Especially in these applications, rental LED screens have become a very important display method. Next, we will introduce the common applications of rental LED displays in more detail.


(1) Stage performance


      Rental LED displays are generally used for stage background images, audio and lighting control, and the atmosphere of the program is fully reflected through high-definition video live broadcast and other various lighting effects. At the same time, the LED screen can also realize complex special effects and enhanced dynamic effects according to the needs of the performance, further promote the emotional resonance between the audience and the stage, and improve the viewing effect. For different stage performances, different specifications of LED rental screens are required, and the most commonly used specifications are P2.5, P3.91, etc.

(2) Commercial Exhibition


      Commercial exhibitions are one of the most widely used occasions for LED displays, especially in large-scale exhibitions, auto shows, exhibitions, etc. Rental LED displays play an important role in publicity, advertising, and information exchange in these places. The high-definition, all-round surround, ultra-high color reproduction and various special effects of rental LED screens are the core advantages that meet the needs of these fields. LED rental screens generally adopt the method of module splicing, which can realize large-area splicing and combination according to customer needs, realize multi-directional display, and improve display effect.

(3) Conference display


      In large-scale conferences, rental LED displays can transmit the content to be broadcast to the screen in the demonstration area in real time and share it with the speaker. This provides the audience with an unparalleled visual experience, helps them better understand the on-site explanation content, and also helps to impress the audience with the organizer's brand. From the point of view of technical specifications, the screen with pixel pitch of P3 to P5 is more suitable to realize content playback and picture display.

(4) Sports events


      Sports events are one of the main application fields of LED rental screens. Whether it is a large-scale international competition or a small campus competition, a high-definition and high-refresh display screen is required to show the scenes of the competition scene as much as possible. Play the role of attracting the audience and supporting the atmosphere of the scene. The rental LED screen has become one of the most commonly used video display devices in sports events due to its stable output, high-quality display effect, and infinitely extending splicing methods.

(5) fashion display


      Fashion presentation is an area where visuals are crucial. The special nature of rental LED displays makes them ideal for stylish displays. Some fashion displays need to display a lot of details, and the number of pixels is very high. Rental LED screens can be clear, bright, saturated in color, and have good visual effects. Rental LED displays can be used in various fashion displays, such as fashion shows, jewelry exhibitions, artwork displays, etc., to help brands better display themselves and improve the brand's cultural connotation and artistic value.

  1. 3. Features of rental LED screens

      With the continuous updating of technology, various display devices are also emerging. Among them, LED rental screens have been widely used due to their unique characteristics. Compared with traditional displays, LED rental screens have many advantages, such as light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, waterproof, shockproof, etc. We'll explore these features in depth below.


      Lightweight: LED rental screens are often installed and disassembled, so it is naturally required that the display screen should be as light as possible, which not only costs transportation, but also installs and disassembles faster than the bulky outdoor advertising screen. many. The most commonly used material for LED rental screen cabinets is die-cast aluminum, which has obvious advantages in weight and thickness compared to iron boxes.


      Small error and zero patchwork: Because the traditional LED display cabinet adopts sheet metal processing methods, this kind of processing technology itself has large errors, and it is easy to deform after processing, so the error is at the millimeter level, and it is difficult to achieve the correctness of the display screen. Zero patchwork requirements. Due to the production process of modular forming combined with machining, the aluminum box of LED display rental can control the error within one tenth of a millimeter, and can fully meet the requirements of zero seams.


      Quick installation: The design of the LED rental screen makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. Since the box body is made of die-cast aluminum, it is lighter in weight, higher in precision, and convenient and quick to disassemble. Technicians can splice a single box within a few minutes, which greatly shortens the installation and disassembly time and saves labor costs.


      Light weight and thin structure: The rental LED display is light in weight and thin in structure, and has the functions of hoisting and quick installation, so as to meet the requirements of quick installation, disassembly and handling required by the rental occasion. Easy to install and disassemble, and easy to operate. The entire screen is fixed and connected by fast bolts. It can be installed and disassembled accurately and quickly, and different shapes can be assembled to meet the requirements of the site.


      Good waterproof performance: LED rental screens usually use IP65-rated waterproof, dustproof and shockproof designs to make them unaffected by the external environment. These protective measures allow the rental LED display to be used in most environments and will not be affected even in severe weather conditions.

  1. 4. EagerLED rental led screen

      EagerLED offers a full line of indoor and outdoor rental LED screen products for events, stages, stores, TV studios, meeting rooms and other venues. You can choose the right series for your rental application.


EA500C3 rental LED screen

      1. The back cover can be opened for easy maintenance

      2. The box is light and thin , easy to carry and transport

      3. LED corner protection design to protect the edge of the LED screen from damage

      4. High-precision curve lock design, more precise and quick adjustment of curve degree

      5. 250mm*250mm size module, 500mm*500mm size cabinet

      6. Dual quick-lock design ensures faster assembly and better screen flatness

EA1000C3 rental LED screen

      1. Support curved installation

      2. Ultra-thin design with detachable back cover

      3. The box is light and thin, and can be operated by one person

      4. Double quick lock design, quick installation, quick locking device

      5. Adopt high-precision arc lock design, quickly adjust the curve degree

      6. 250mm×250mm size module, 500mm×1000mm size cabinet

EA1000H4 rental LED screen

      1. Integrated power design saves time

      2. Various pixels can be used in the same HUB

      3. Removable back cover for easier maintenance

      4. High-precision arc lock, suitable for arc installation

      5. Modular design of power control for easy maintenance

      6. High water resistance, can withstand harsh weather conditions during outdoor activities

  1.  5. Why Choose EagerLED Rental LED Screen

      A leading rental LED screen manufacturer, EagerLED adheres to the concept of serving customers and is always committed to providing customers with high-quality and convenient rental services. On the basis of the original, the leased LED display has added many advantages and features to better meet the needs of customers.


1) The cabinet is light and thin


      EagerLED's rental LED screen cabinets are made of die-cast aluminum, which is lightweight, durable, and easy to move and install. It can not only save labor costs, but also improve installation efficiency and maintenance convenience.


2) LED corner guards


      Which can protect the screen from collision or damage during transportation and ensure its service life .


3) Removable back cover


      EagerLED rental LED screens are designed with a detachable back cover, which allows customers to maintain it conveniently. If something goes wrong, just open the back cover, and it can be repaired easily, saving time and extra repair costs.


4) Double quick lock design


      EagerLED rental LED screen adopts double quick lock design, and there are two quick lock devices on the left and right sides, which ensures faster assembly speed and better screen flatness. This design provides customers with a more efficient installation solution, and at the same time greatly improves the visual effect of the LED screen, allowing customers to obtain better display performance.


5) Wide viewing angle, no reflection


      EagerLED rental LED screens have a wide viewing angle and no reflection, allowing more audiences to appreciate the presented content from more different angles, bringing better effects to audiences and customers.

6. in conclusion

      In this article, we introduce the common applications and characteristics of rental LED displays in detail. If you are looking for LED rental screens, you may wish to consider choosing EagerLED. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality rental LED screens to ensure that you can get the best visual effects. Contact us now for more detailed solutions!

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