EA1000TIF transparent LED screen is a slim, strong LED display with light transmittance as high as 70%. Compared with traditional LED screens, it has unique features and application advantages. This series of products can be easily installed on the existing glass curtain wall window wall without any additional steel structure, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

      First of all, the EA1000TIF transparent LED screen has a slim feature. Its thickness is thinner than traditional LED display, which greatly reduces the occupation of space. This makes it very suitable for scenes such as glass curtain walls and window walls, providing more design inspiration for building appearance and space utilization.

      This series of products also has the characteristics of seamless assembly, that is, there is no obvious gap between the splicing of individual modules, so that the entire display screen presents a continuous and smooth effect. This provides viewers with a better visual experience and enables better content to be presented.

      The light transmittance of EA1000TIF transparent LED screen is as high as 70%, which can maintain the transparency of the glass curtain wall without affecting the natural light and vision of the building itself. This makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor glass facade advertising, commercial display and other scenarios.

      In addition, the standard size of this series is 1000x500mm, which facilitates the installation and splicing process. Whether it is a large-scale advertising display or a creative art installation, the EA1000TIF transparent LED screen can meet various needs.

      To sum up, the EA1000TIF transparent LED screen provides a new visual experience for scenes such as building curtain walls, advertising displays, and commercial displays through the characteristics of thinness, firmness, seamless assembly, and high light transmittance. Its convenient installation and personalized design features make it a beautiful landscape in modern buildings and indoor and outdoor spaces.

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