The EA45F LED advertising display waterproof test is a process that verifies its waterproof capabilities through a series of steps.

      First, place the outdoor LED display cabinet on the waterproof testing turnover vehicle. This vehicle is specially designed to transport LED panels and can accommodate an entire LED display cabinet.

      Next, push the turnover cart into the EagerLED dedicated LED screen waterproof testing room. This test chamber is specially designed to simulate various environmental conditions to ensure the waterproof performance of the LED display.

      After entering the test room, pull up the waterproof test curtain and adjust the timer to 15 minutes. This time period is used to simulate the waterproofing of the LED display in different environments.

      Then, turn on the power switch of the LED display and the waterproof test officially begins. During the test, it will be checked whether the LED display cabinet can reach the waterproof level of 1P65.

      The entire waterproof test lasts 15 minutes. During this period, evaluate the waterproof performance of the LED display cabinet by observing whether water enters.

       After the test, an air compressor spray gun will be used to remove moisture from the surface of the LED display cabinet. This prevents water from entering the cabinet when it is opened for inspection.

      Finally, check whether there is water entering the LED display cabinet. If no moisture is found in the cabinet after the test, then the waterproof level of the LED display cabinet meets the IP65 standard and the test passes.

      Through this rigorous waterproof testing process, the waterproof performance of the EA45F LED advertising display can be verified. This ensures that the LED display can function properly in outdoor environments and has good resistance to moisture to protect the electronic components inside it from damage.

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