EA480F1 480x480mm indoor LED display screen is a kind of indoor LED display screen launched by EagerLED company. The LED screen module adopts hard connection design, which makes it easy to install.


The EA480F1 LED screen adopts a small size cabinet of 480*480mm, with ultra-thin and lightweight design, easy to carry, easy to disassemble and assemble. This design not only saves space, but also saves labor costs. At the same time, the EA480F1 LED screen also has a front service panel and a high refresh rate SMD to provide a high-definition visual experience.


The EA480F1 indoor LED screen adopts a small size cabinet of 480*480mm, so that it can better meet the needs of scene layout while adapting to different scenes. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin and lightweight design, easy to carry, and easy to disassemble and assemble. It can not only meet the needs of temporary occasions, such as activities, exhibitions, etc., but also meet the needs of long-term occasions.


The design of the front service panel of EA480F1 indoor LED screen can quickly replace the magnetic stickers, which greatly reduces the difficulty of detecting the fault point. The use of high refresh rate SMD LEDs ensures a more delicate display effect. The high refresh rate of 72 frames per second makes it possible to better present smooth and clear images when playing videos, dynamic images and other content.


In addition, the EA480F1 of indoor LED screens have extremely high color reproduction and color saturation, which can create vivid and lifelike image effects, allowing the audience to get a more realistic visual experience.


The EA480F1 of indoor LED screens adopt small-size cabinets, ultra-thin and lightweight design, high refresh rate SMD, and front service panels, all of which provide them with excellent performance and reliability. In the commercial application environment, EA480F1 indoor LED screens perform very well.

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