The EA500H3 rental LED display adopts a magnetic LED panel design, and the cabinet can be maintained front and back to facilitate the installation of the LED panel. This design not only makes the installation of LED panels easy and convenient, but also uses a hard connection design, removable power box and HUB board to provide users with more convenience.

      An outstanding feature is the waterproof performance up to IP65. The double sealing rubber ring and quick installation buckle make the installation and removal of the back cover more convenient. This enables the EA500H3 rental LED display to operate safely and reliably in various outdoor environments. Whether in rainy days or other severe weather conditions, the LED screen can display stably to ensure the user's user experience.

      In order to better adapt to the needs of various scenarios, EA500H3 adopts a high-precision curve locking design, and the curve degree can be adjusted between -5° and +5°. This makes the rotation control of the LED screen more precise, allowing users to quickly adjust according to actual site conditions. The flexibility of this design allows the LED screen to be perfectly displayed in different situations, improving the user experience.

      The four corners of the LED screen are designed to effectively prevent damage to the LED. In all aspects of transportation, installation, operation, disassembly and assembly, this design can provide all-round protection for the LED screen and ensure long-term stable operation of the LED. This also provides users with a safer and easier-to-use LED display solution.

      The EA500H3 rental LED display pays more attention to portability in the box design, with each unit weighing only 7KG. This lightweight design allows one person to easily complete the installation, disassembly and maintenance of the LED screen. Whether in a quick-build rental scenario or in a fixed location for long-term use, EA500H3 can provide a convenient operating experience and bring users a new LED display experience.

      Overall, the EA500H3 rental LED display features a magnetic design, waterproof performance, flexible curve locking and is lightweight and easy to use, bringing users a more convenient, safe and efficient LED display solution. Whether it is commercial activities, outdoor advertising or stage shows, EA500H3 can present it perfectly and become a highlight in the LED display field.

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