Customers from Congo are satisfied with our P3.91 outdoor 500*500 LED rental screen products and ordered 504 pieces. The installation size of these LED screens is: 35*2m, which not only proves our products in the international market Competitiveness has further enhanced our confidence in good product design and quality.


First of all, this P3.91 outdoor 500*500 LED rental screen is an important equipment widely used in the outdoor advertising rental industry, and has become one of the first choices in this industry for its excellent performance and reliable quality. This screen can not only operate stably under various climatic conditions, but also adopts curve locking technology, which can realize curve installation for users, so as to realize various curve and arc installations required by users. In addition, the screen also supports curved installation, which can improve the effect of advertising while meeting different needs.


In addition, the hollow design of the power box and the quick locks on the left and right sides of the LED screen greatly shorten the assembly time and provide users with more convenient and quick installation and payment. The seamless design of the LED corner protector makes the four corners of the screen more seamless, and it will perform better when presenting more comprehensive advertising information.


In particular, it should be emphasized that the performance of the screen is particularly outstanding in the outdoor environment. The screen is made of high-durability water-resistant materials and has passed the waterproof test to work stably in various weather conditions. For customers from Congo, their country is located in the tropical rainforest, and the humid and hot climate is a great challenge for LCD screens. The appearance of P3.91 EA500C3 outdoor 500*500mm LED rental screen provides them with a reliable solution.


In addition, this case uses the high-quality new Nova receiving card MRV208-1, which effectively guarantees the long-term stable operation of the display. In addition, the use of advanced front-end services ensures the operating efficiency and stability of the entire system, allowing users to have no worries.


The case power supply is: CZCL A-200AF-5

Input: 100-220VAC


To sum up, the P3.91 EA500C3 outdoor 500*500mm LED rental screen has won high recognition from Congo customers for its flexibility, ease of use, reliable performance and advanced design. This screen can not only be used in the outdoor advertising rental industry, but also can be widely used in various scenes and industries, such as sports venues, exhibition venues, movie theaters, etc., to provide users with a more visually impactful experience and marketing effect, and become an advertising platform a sharp weapon.

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