The EagerLED EAV6 LED display front maintenance tool is an efficient tool specially designed for maintaining large-size outdoor LED modules and floor tile screen boxes (such as 480x320mm LED modules). This tool shows excellent performance in many aspects, providing reliability and convenience for the maintenance and installation of LED displays.

      The EAV6 LED display front repair tool is an efficient tool specially designed for maintaining large-size outdoor LED modules and floor tile screen boxes such as 480x320mm.

      The EAV6 features a rugged metal casing that provides excellent durability and stability. This ensures reliable operation of the tool in a variety of outdoor conditions. In outdoor environments, LED displays need to face various harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain, sunlight, and temperature changes. The EAV6’s metal casing provides excellent protection against these external factors, protecting the key components inside the tool and ensuring its reliable operation.

      EAV6 uses the internationally renowned brand Dyson motor. Dyson motors are renowned for their high performance and exceptional reliability, helping to make tools more efficient and reliable. The performance of the motor directly affects the lifting, manipulation and maintenance functions of the tool, so using Dyson motors helps improve the overall performance and work efficiency of EAV6.

      The EAV6 also excels at removing and installing 480x320mm LED modules, with excellent applicability and convenience.

      The weight of a 500X500mm LED floor tile screen is usually around 12KG, which means a single EAV6 is enough to easily lift and install.

      For a 500X1000mm LED floor tile screen, the weight is about 25KG. It can also be easily lifted and maneuvered using two EAV6s.

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