Stadium LED Displays: A Guide!

July 07, 2023

      In recent years, with the increasing rise of sports events and the acceleration of the construction of stadiums, professional LED display screens have become the key facilities for game information display and live broadcast of games in stadiums.


      This article will introduce you the guidelines about LED screens in stadiums. Before we start, let me explain to you what is a stadium LED display?

1. What is the stadium LED display

      The stadium LED display screen is an LED screen product specially designed to meet the special needs of the stadium. It is mainly used in commercial advertisements, highlights, slow-motion playback and close-up shots, etc., bringing a perfect visual feast to the audience. It can provide unparalleled video quality and excellent color performance, and broadcast sports events in real time, enhance brand image and deliver promotional messages for sponsors and organizers.


      Through the LED video image processor, real-time communication, management and integration of dynamic display content can be realized, such as video, time, text, chart, animation and scoreboard system, etc. In addition, the LED video wall also has the function of software partitioning, which can realize the multi-window display of the whole screen, and display images, real-time information, text, clock and game scores at the same time. In this way, every audience can feel the excitement and perfection of live competition to the greatest extent.

 2. Application types of led display screens in stadiums


      Stadium LED displays are widely used in sports events, mainly including perimeter LED displays, LED scoreboards and LED billboards.


1) perimeter led display


      Perimeter LED displays are usually installed around the walls of stadiums and are used to display game information, live broadcasts and instant replays to spectators and players. It can be divided into multiple areas and display the score, time and team name at the same time, so that the audience and players can understand the progress of the game in real time. In addition, the perimeter LED screen also adopts an anti-collision design, which can maintain stable work under high-intensity impact, and uses a soft mask to avoid injury to players.

2) LED scoreboard


      The LED scoreboard is used to display the score, time and event information of the game. It uses a high-brightness and vivid LED display to display important information such as score, timing and game progress in real time during the game, so that the audience and participants can clearly understand the status of the game. LED scoreboards usually have the characteristics of high refresh rate and fast response, which can accurately display the dynamics of the game and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the score.

3) LED billboard


      LED billboards are a common form of application in sports venues, used to broadcast event-related advertisements, sponsor information, and other related promotional content. LED billboards attract the attention of the audience during the competition through high-brightness and high-definition display screens, and convey important information and advertising effects. It can update and switch the playback content in real time to adapt to the needs of different events and sessions. At the same time, LED billboards can also provide sponsors with personalized and accurate advertising opportunities through customized launch time and frequency, improving marketing effects and brand exposure.

3. Features of LED screens in stadiums

      As an indispensable part of modern stadiums, LED display screens in gymnasiums have a series of characteristics. The following will introduce the characteristics of LED display screens in stadiums in detail.


      1. Ultra-light design: The LED screen of the stadium adopts an ultra-light design and has the feature of adjustable viewing angle. The bracket and inclination of the LED screen can be adjusted to meet the viewing angle requirements of different audience seats, improve the viewing experience of the audience, and avoid the problem of poor viewing angles. The ultra-light design also helps save on labor and shipping costs.


      2. Multiple installation methods: LED screens in sports venues support multiple installation methods, such as wall installation, bracket installation, and suspension installation, etc., according to the needs of different venues. This flexibility helps to ensure that LED video walls can be smoothly installed in various complex environments.


      3. High refresh rate: LED screens in sports venues have a high refresh rate, which can present a clearer and smoother picture in the case of fast movement. This allows viewers to better watch the game without blurring or tearing.


      4. Soft mask protection: LED screens in stadiums are usually protected by soft masks. The soft mask is made of soft material, which can effectively reduce the risk of injury for athletes due to collisions. It can also protect the LED display screen from damage due to external impact.


      5. Sufficient IP65 protection capability: LED screens in stadiums have sufficient protection level IP65 and can operate normally in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. This makes the LED video wall resistant to adverse factors such as wind, rain, dust and humidity, ensuring its stable operation for a long time.


      6. Advertising purposes: LED screens in sports venues can be used for advertising. By playing various advertising content, it provides opportunities for commercial promotion inside and outside the venue. This not only brings more commercial value to venues, but also provides effective brand promotion channels for sponsors.


      7. Wide viewing angle: LED screens in sports venues have wide viewing angles. Whether they are facing the LED display screen or watching from the side or an oblique angle, the audience can enjoy a clear and real picture. This allows viewers to get the best visual experience in different positions.

4. Trusted Stadium LED Screen Supplier

     EagerLED is a leading stadium LED display supplier and solution provider in China, and has successfully completed multiple stadium LED video wall projects overseas. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality LED screens and excellent service.


1. 5000 + ㎡ production workshop /10000+m² production capacity


      More than 5,000 square meters of modern production workshops, and have first-class production capacity, reaching 10,000 square meters. This allows us to meet the needs of projects of all sizes, and always maintain an efficient production speed, ensuring efficient delivery capabilities.


2、The most advanced automated production equipment


      EagerLED adopts the most advanced automatic production equipment. These devices are able to precisely complete the various process steps to ensure the quality and consistency of the product. We pay attention to technological innovation and optimization of production process to ensure that every LED screen is of high quality.


3. 15 years experience in LED display industry


      EagerLED has 15 years of experience in the LED display industry. We have accumulated rich experience and expertise in this field, and are well versed in market needs and technology trends. This enables us to provide industry-leading solutions that meet our customers' specific needs.


4. 7/24 hours service


      We provide 7/24 hours service. Our customer service team is on call at all times to provide technical support and answer questions. We focus on building good partnerships and always put customer satisfaction as our primary goal.

5. Stadium LED Display Provided by EagerLED

EA960SP 960×960mm stadium perimeter LED display


1. IP65 waterproof grade


      The protection level of the box is as high as IP65, and the fully sealed box is weatherproof, dustproof and moisture-proof, which raises the protection level of the LED display to a new level. Whether in heavy rain or strong wind, the EA960SP can operate stably without being affected. This makes this display ideal for outdoor stadiums.

2. independent support structure


      With an independent support structure, it can stand even if it is impacted by a strong external force. The installation angle of the cabinet can be flexibly changed according to the actual situation on site.


3. soft pillow design


      The bolster is the soft part on the top edge of the display that acts as a cushion. This is very important in sports competitions, because the soft design can prevent athletes from being injured during the competition. At the same time, the soft pillow can also protect the normal operation of the display screen and reduce mechanical friction.


4. high refresh rate


      Up to 3800Hz refresh rate, real-time switching without flickering, to ensure that the display screen is delicate and high-definition.


5. Exquisite cabinet design


      EA960SP stadium perimeter LED display product is a light weight LED screen with quick lock function, compact structure, convenient and seamless installation. The humanized handle design makes it easier for you to move the cabinet.


6. 960x960mm iron cabinet, stable structure


      EA960SP adopts 960x960mm iron cabinet with stable structure. As the shell material of the display, the iron cabinet has excellent pressure resistance and durability, and can effectively protect the display module inside. Its structural design is reasonable and can provide strong supporting force to prevent problems such as shaking and deformation of the display screen during installation and use.

EA1600SP Stadium Peripheral LED Display


1.90 degree upright support frame


      Brand-new design of court base, 90-degree upright non-adjustable support frame . The viewing angle of the audience is guaranteed, and no matter where the audience is in the stadium, they can obtain clear and lifelike image display. The installation and adjustment of the display is also more convenient.


2. soft mask protection


      The soft mask is made of soft material, which brings perfect protection to the EA1600SP series led display, which can not only ensure the safety of the athletes, but also ensure the perfect operation and viewing effect of the screen.


3. High protection performance


      Aluminum LED module, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation. The whole product can reach 5VB fire rating.


4. IP66 waterproof and dustproof


      Suitable for outdoor applications, with high waterproof and dustproof grades. It can withstand some bad weather during outdoor activities.


5. Good cooling performance


      Die-cast aluminum chassis, long service life, good heat dissipation performance, more energy-saving than traditional screens, greatly reducing the operating cost of the screen.


6. before and after service


      The front and rear double maintenance mode design saves you maintenance costs. The LED panels can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.

EA250F Outdoor LED Advertising Screen


      1. Full front outdoor maintenance: All outdoor LED modules, power supplies, receiving cards, hub cards and cables are serviced at the front, which means that maintenance personnel can directly perform maintenance and replacement work on the front of the display without dismantling the entire display screen. This can greatly reduce maintenance time and cost, and improve maintenance efficiency.


      2. Efficient cooling: There are 4 airfoil fans in each cabinet, which can quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the display screen. The outdoor environment is often affected by high temperature and humidity, and high temperature can easily have a negative impact on the LED display. Through this high-efficiency cooling system, EA250F can dissipate heat in time, maintain the normal working temperature of the display screen, and enhance its stability and lifespan.


      3. All-weather outdoor work: With EagerLED's unique protection technology, the display can work normally in any weather conditions! High protection level guaranteed, durable, reliable, UV-resistant and stable.


      4. IP65 dustproof and waterproof: This level of protection standard makes the display completely impermeable and can resist the intrusion of any form of liquid and dust. This is very important for outdoor environments because it protects the electronics inside the display from short circuits and damage, improving overall reliability and durability.


      5. Convenient maintenance and operation: maintenance personnel can easily carry out necessary debugging and replacement work through the front-end maintenance interface. Users can easily modify and set parameters according to actual needs to obtain the best display effect.


      6. Using SMD packaging technology: using high-brightness SMD packaging technology, making the display screen more vivid and smooth. Whether it is the outdoor environment under direct sunlight or the brightness requirement at night, the EA250F can provide clear and vivid image and text display effects.

EA-OFixed Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Screen


      Best color uniformity and high brightness : We choose the best driver IC for outdoor LEDs, with high reliability and contrast, meeting the needs of high brightness, high refresh rate, high gray scale and best color uniformity.


      The back cover can be opened for easy maintenance: the back cover is uniquely designed and adopts an openable structure. This means that when maintenance or parts need to be replaced, maintenance personnel only need to quickly open the rear cover. Compared with other products that need to disassemble the entire display screen for maintenance, EA-OFixed's rear cover design makes maintenance easier and more efficient. This convenient maintenance function greatly shortens maintenance time and improves maintenance efficiency.


      Advantages of the cabinet structure : Outdoor fixed installation LED display cabinets are made of iron materials that have undergone heat treatment to improve heat resistance. The box has high hardness and excellent wind resistance and cold resistance.


      Exquisite cabinet design : The outdoor fixed full LED display product is light in weight, the LED display has a quick locking function, compact structure, easy installation, and no gaps. Humanized handle design makes it easier to move the cabinet.


      24/7 Outdoor Work : With EagerLED's unique protection technology, this display can work normally in any weather conditions. Whether it is hot summer, cold winter, or even harsh weather conditions, it can maintain a stable working condition. Its high degree of protection can effectively resist the erosion of dust, moisture and ultraviolet rays, providing long-lasting service life and reliability.

6. in conclusion

      EagerLED has been providing comprehensive LED stadium screen solutions for large stadiums for many years to meet the needs of game information display and live broadcast in sports events. We have rich experience in creating complete visualization solutions for sports venues to ensure the smooth progress of sports events and a good experience for spectators.

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