EagerLED丨Rental LED display product features

March 24, 2023

The leasing LED display box is light and thin, quick disassembly and assembly, convenient for transportation, bright in color and bright in image, can provide stunning visual effects, quickly change the content of advertisements, and monitor the operation of the screen in real time. Meet the access of different video signals, play videos, pictures and other content at will, and play various information in a real-time, synchronous and clear information dissemination mode.

EagerLED has rich experience in stage rental application scenarios, tailor-made high-quality rental display products for stage rental, to meet various needs: not only convenient and fast installation and disassembly, but also cost advantages, suitable for large-scale production of stage backgrounds .

The scene image displayed on the stage screen is lifelike and abstract, which can create a dreamy effect.

High refresh rate, high gray scale, low brightness and high gray, meet the requirements of live shooting in different occasions, and effectively avoid black lines and flickering phenomena during live broadcast. Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, it supports the processing of various signals on the stage, which ensures the quality of the signal processing and makes it possible to play high-fidelity image signals.

Compared with the fixed installation screen, the difference between the rental screen and the fixed installation screen is that it needs to be moved frequently, repeatedly disassembled and installed, so the requirements for the product are higher, and the product shape design, structural design, and material selection are all particular. .

Rental LED display solutions and applications

It is mainly used in sports venues, advertising media, leasing, stage performances, energy, command/monitoring/conference centers, radio and television, transportation, real estate, etc.

First, fixed installation screens are installed sequentially, and the size is very standardized, while rental screens require easy repeated installation, disassembly, and handling, so that the staff can quickly complete the work and reduce the labor cost of customers;

Second, the rental screen has strong tolerance to slight bumps in transportation and handling, and the size must conform to the loading system of the transportation tool, especially the transcontinental handling, which is greatly different;

Third, because of the need for frequent handling, the design of the LED screen itself must be firm enough to withstand handling, otherwise it is easy to collide during the handling process, causing damage to the LED, even if one LED lamp is broken, it will affect the whole Effect. When providing rental screen services for customers, the difference between rental screens and fixed installation screens is that once the fixed installation screen is installed, the effect will be immediate, while the rental screen must show perfect display effects throughout the concert. It is also the most important point for customers.


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