EA500C5 is a LED screen for rental. It has special design and functions, which can meet the needs of users for 90-degree right-angle LED screens, such as cubic screens. This LED display not only has a unique appearance, but also has special considerations in the installation of its power supply and receiving card. They are installed on the rear cover door of the cabinet, which can facilitate maintenance and replacement of the module.

      The module size of the EA500C5 LED screen is 250x250 mm, and the 45-degree bevel design of the module makes the assembly and maintenance of the LED screen easier. In addition, since the size and structure of the modules are the same, users can easily change the pixel pitch by simply replacing the modules.

      The feature of EA500C5 rental LED screen is not only its appearance and module design, but also its excellent performance and high-quality display effect. It adopts advanced LED technology, has high brightness and wide viewing angle, makes the display content clearly visible, and can get a good viewing experience even outdoors or at a long distance.

      In addition, EA500C5 also has good stability and reliability. It uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, and has functions such as waterproof and dustproof. It can maintain excellent working performance in harsh environments, and can also ensure long-term stable operation.

      In short, EA500C5 is a powerful and uniquely designed LED display. Its 90-degree right-angle design and special module installation method make it have outstanding performance and expressiveness in special scenarios such as cubic screens. Whether in rental or other application scenarios, the EA500C5 can meet users' needs for high quality, flexibility and convenience, and bring users a truly high-quality visual experience.

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