The EA1280R1 LED display is a versatile solution measuring 1280mm x 960mm, using 320x160mm modules, suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Its design focuses on efficient installation and maintenance, as well as good heat dissipation performance, providing users with an integrated solution.

      The size of the EA1280R1 LED display is 1280mm x 960mm and uses a 320x160mm module, which allows it to be used flexibly in different scenarios. This size and module design not only ensures a reasonable display area, but also enables it to present clear and vivid images.

      To ensure a quick and efficient installation process, the EA1280R1 LED display is equipped with two quick locks on the top and left side of the cabinet. The design of these locks makes installation more convenient and improves user operation efficiency. At the same time, the display's compact structure facilitates quick maintenance operations. The back cover design makes maintenance more convenient. Users can easily open the back cover, simplifying maintenance tasks and minimizing downtime.

      In order to solve the heat dissipation problem, the EA1280R1 LED display is equipped with four wing-shaped fans on the back cover. This design effectively improves the heat dissipation effect and ensures that the display can maintain a stable temperature during long-term operation. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this cooling system delivers consistent, reliable performance to the display.

      The EA1280R1 LED display is designed to maintain consistent performance and reliability whether used indoors or outdoors. This means users have the flexibility to choose different scenarios without worrying about performance losses or reliability issues. This consistency helps improve the user experience, making the EA1280R1 ideal for a variety of application scenarios.

      The easy-open design of the display back cover and the quick lock system make maintenance more convenient. Users can easily access the interior of the display to perform necessary maintenance tasks, extending the life of the display. The EagerLED team is committed to providing a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure that users receive full support when selecting, installing and maintaining the EA1280R1 LED display.

      Overall, the EA1280R1 LED display provides users with a comprehensive and reliable LED display solution with its compact structure, optimized heat dissipation design and all-round maintenance performance. Its flexible applicability makes it suitable for various scenarios, bringing users an excellent visual experience and convenient operating experience.

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