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      As an enterprise specializing in LED display design, production, sales and service, EagerLED has always been committed to providing high-quality products and first-class technical support to meet customer needs. In order to let customers understand our LED products better and provide more professional service and technical support, we invite customers from India to visit our LED screen factory.


      After the customer arrives, we will first briefly introduce the characteristics of the LED display to them, such as high brightness, high contrast, rich colors, wide viewing angle, etc. We will focus on explaining the difference between our products and other brands, so as to better understand our advantages for customers.


      Second, we take customers to visit the case wall of EagerLED LED screens. Customers can experience the quality of our LED products in person, watch and show the performance of LED screens under different applications in different places, and intuitively feel the use and advantages of LED screens, so as to better Learn more about our products.


      Third, customers also visited our LED display showroom to learn about the size, resolution, brightness and color of different LED displays in various scenarios. We will introduce the features and functions of various LED displays to customers to help them choose the product that best suits their needs. When introducing various LED screens, we will explain in detail the different characteristics of various LED screens, such as: indoor screens, outdoor screens, curved screens, etc. We will also introduce the use methods and advantages of various LED displays to customers, so that customers can choose the products that best suit their needs. In the exhibition hall, we will show customers how to use the EA320F display, and we will demonstrate its actual operation on the spot. We will also introduce to customers how to install the connecting iron piece, so that they can complete the installation and use more easily in the future.


      Fourth, visit the LED screen aging workshop. Here is our innovation focus, where we will conduct aging tests on the latest LED displays to ensure the reliability and service life of the LED displays. In the burn-in workshop, we take customers to know about EA640F2 indoor LED screen and EA500C1 curved LED screen, and we introduce the features and advantages of these LED screens. Then, on-site operation demonstrations are conducted to give customers a better understanding of how to use and benefits of these products.


      Finally, the customer also visited our LED display assembly workshop and visited the outdoor LED display waterproof test, learned about the production process of our products and let customers better understand the reliability and durability of LED screens in severe weather. Effects of use in outdoor environments.


      All in all, we are honored to have the opportunity to share our expertise and successful experience in the LED display field with Indian customers, and look forward to further cooperation in the future. This trip enables customers to have an in-depth understanding of our LED screen products and production processes, helping them accurately capture market demand and formulate more refined business plans. Through this exchange, EagerLED has enhanced its connection and interaction with global customers and benefited a lot.

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