Flexible LED display is a soft and bendable LED panel. Compared with indoor fixed LED displays and outdoor fixed LED displays, flexible LED displays can be freely designed, rolled up, bent and swung to achieve various shapes of LED video walls.

      The main features of flexible LED displays are as follows:

      1. Soft and bendable: Flexible LED panels are made of special materials, making them soft and bendable. This allows the flexible LED display to flexibly adapt to installation requirements of different shapes, such as concave and convex walls, curved designs, etc.

      2. Ultra-thin and lightweight: The flexible LED display module is very thin and lightweight, making it easier to install and carry. They can be flexibly designed to accommodate different shapes and angles of curvature as needed.

      3. Highly customizable: Flexible LED displays can be highly customized according to customer needs, including shape, effect, and curvature of any type and angle. This opens up endless possibilities for creating unique visuals.

      4. Durable and reliable: Flexible LED displays are specially designed and manufactured with excellent durability and reliability. After repeated bending, the LED panel and mask cover will not be damaged and maintain good display effects.

      Currently, EagerLED has various series of flexible LED displays to choose from, such as 240x120mm series, 320x160mm series and 256x128mm series. These series can meet different installation and design requirements, providing diverse solutions.

      The emergence of flexible LED displays has brought new possibilities to indoor and outdoor advertising, stage shows, commercial displays and other fields. They can display content in a more free and flexible way, attract the audience's attention, and bring unique effects to brand promotion, information transmission and entertainment performances.

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