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How does LED screen create a smart airport?

October 27, 2023

      Airport LED display is one of the indispensable and important equipment in modern airports. Airport LED displays provide passengers with a comfortable travel experience by transmitting real-time information and providing rich and colorful content. They play an important role in flight information release, entertainment display, safety prompts, etc., providing strong support for airport operations and passenger travel.


      Let’s take a deeper look at how LED screens create smart airports and how they can inject new vitality into our travel lives.


1. Airport LED screen introduction

      Airport LED displays consist of high-quality LED displays, including indoor LED displays and LED billboards. Their goal is to provide passengers with a full range of information services and advertising display space.


      Airport LED displays play an important role in various key areas of the airport, providing passengers with real-time information and advertising displays. They provide passengers with a convenient and comfortable travel experience through high-quality display effects and convenient information transmission, and provide an effective promotional platform for merchants. 

2. Types of airport LED screens

      With the continuous advancement of technology, airport LED displays will become more and more intelligent and diversified, bringing passengers a more convenient and comfortable travel experience.


(1) Small spacing LED screen


      A small-pitch LED screen is a high-pixel-density LED display with a pixel pitch usually less than 2 mm. This kind of display screen has the characteristics of high brightness, high definition and high contrast, and can present more detailed and realistic images. Among airport LED displays, small-pitch LED screens are usually used in large information release areas, such as airport halls, boarding gates, etc. This kind of display screen can provide clearer and more distinctive flight information and guidance, making it easier for passengers to quickly obtain information and reduce the chance of missed flights.


(2) Indoor LED screen


      Indoor LED screen is a kind of LED display screen suitable for indoor environment. Its brightness and color saturation are relatively high, and it can provide clear and bright display effect in indoor environment. Among airport LED displays, indoor LED screens are usually used in luggage conveyor belts, security check areas and other places. This kind of display can provide real-time baggage carousel information and safety tips to help passengers better understand their travel conditions.

(3) Advertising LED screen


      Advertising LED screen is a kind of LED display screen specially used for advertising display. Its high brightness, high definition and high contrast make the advertising content more eye-catching and vivid. Among airport LED displays, advertising LED screens are usually used in airport commercial areas, waiting rooms and other places. This kind of display screen can provide merchants with a valuable promotional platform, attract tourists' attention, and effectively deliver advertising messages.


(4) Creative LED screen


      Creative LED screen is a unique LED display screen made of flexible LED modules. It is creative and artistic, with a very unique design and presentation. Among airport LED displays, creative LED screens are usually used in airport cultural walls, art exhibitions and other places. This kind of display screen provides passengers with a richer and more interesting cultural experience through creative display methods.

3. Advantages of using LED screens at airports

       With the continuous advancement of modern technology, airports, as important transportation hubs, are constantly introducing new technologies to improve service quality and passenger experience.


      1) High brightness and clarity: The LED display screen has the characteristics of high brightness and clarity, and can display information clearly even in a bright environment. This enables airport LED displays to provide clearly visible text, images and video content under various light conditions, making it easier for passengers to obtain the information they need.


      2) Real-time information update: The airport is an information-intensive place, and information such as flight status, boarding gate changes, and baggage carousels need to be updated in real time. The LED display screen has the characteristics of rapid response and can be updated in time and display the latest information to ensure that passengers can accurately obtain the information they need.


      3) Versatility: Airport LED displays can not only be used to display flight information, but can also be used to play safety tips, advertising, emergency notifications and other content. This versatility makes the airport LED display a comprehensive information release platform, providing passengers with a full range of services and experiences.


      4) Enhance the brand image: As the airport is a national gateway and an important window for the city's image, the use of advanced LED displays can enhance the airport's sense of technology and modernity, and enhance its brand image and attractiveness. At the same time, high-quality display effects and exciting content presentations can also leave a deep impression on passengers.


      5) Good advertising effect: The airport is a place with a large flow of people and focused attention. The airport LED display has become an ideal platform for merchants to carry out advertising. The characteristics of high brightness, clarity and large size make the advertising content more eye-catching and attractive, and effectively convey the merchant's information and brand image.

4. EagerLED airport LED screen solution

EA640F2 indoor 640×480mm front desk HD LED screen

1. Comprehensive front-end maintenance


      Adopting a fully front-accessible maintenance design, the LED display module, LED power supply, and LED control card can all be easily replaced from the front. The LED module is assembled on the front and has a magnetic function.


2. 4:3 ratio cabinet design


      Designed with a 4:3 golden ratio, the cabinet size is 640*480mm. Specially made for various 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screen designs.


3. Perfect structural design


      High-standard industry-leading design, high-end appearance. Die-cast aluminum cabinet bottom shell has better heat dissipation effect. Up and down, left and right quick lock design makes installation and assembly easy.


4. Ultra-lightweight cabinet design


      The LED screen weighs only 7.5 kilograms, and its lightweight design not only facilitates transportation, but also reduces the difficulty of installation. It is more convenient to assemble and disassemble, providing users with a more convenient experience.


5. Standard 320x160mm size module


      Standard size panel: 320x160mm. The use of standard size panels makes the assembly and maintenance of LED screens simple and fast, providing users with a better experience.

EA960R2 advertising LED display

      1. Quick assembly: Two convenient quick locks are designed on the top and left side of the cabinet, making the installation process faster and more convenient.


      2. Openable back cover: The EA960R2 LED display screen has a compact structure, and the back cover is designed to be quickly opened to facilitate user maintenance operations.


      3. Fast heat dissipation: The back cover of the EA960R2 LED display is equipped with 4 airfoil fans, which can dissipate heat quickly and effectively.


      4. Easy to install: The EA960R2 LED display is very easy to install and can be hung or stacked as needed. Suitable for fixed use and rental use.


      5. IP65 waterproof: The protection level of the box is as high as IP65. The fully sealed box is weatherproof, dustproof and moisture-proof, which brings the protection level of the LED display to a new level.

5. Where are airport LED screens used?

      Airport LED displays are widely used in various areas of modern airports to provide comprehensive information to airport staff and passengers.


1. Airport monitoring and command center


      The Airport Monitoring and Command Center is a key operations and safety management center responsible for monitoring the operation and safety status of the entire airport. The LED display screen is used here to display real-time video surveillance images, security alert information, flight dynamics, etc. Through these displays, staff can understand the situation in various areas of the airport in a timely manner and make quick responses and decisions to ensure the normal operation of the airport and the safety of passengers.

2. Airport indoor and outdoor billboards


      As a high-traffic place, the airport attracts many travelers and tourists. LED displays are widely used in indoor and outdoor billboards at airports to play various commercial advertisements, brand promotions and tourism promotions. These displays are usually located in densely populated areas such as the airport's main passages, departure halls and baggage claim areas. They can attract passengers' attention and enhance brand image and market influence.

3. Ticket office and service desk


      In airport ticket halls and service desks, LED displays are used to display fare information, special promotions, flight inquiries and service guides, etc. Passengers can easily obtain the information they need through these displays and purchase tickets or make inquiries. At the same time, the airline's brand promotion and service introduction can also be played on the display screen to enhance passengers' trust and satisfaction with the airline.

4. Baggage claim area


      In the baggage claim area, the LED display is used to display the flight’s baggage carousel number and baggage claim prompts. Passengers can accurately find their baggage carousel based on the information on the display screen and learn about the baggage claim status in a timely manner. In addition, the LED display screen can also broadcast tourist attraction introductions, local cultural information, etc., providing additional entertainment and knowledge for tourists.

5. flight information display


      Airport flight information display is one of the most common applications of LED displays. These displays are usually located in areas such as departure halls, boarding gates and flight information centers, and are used to display flight departure and landing times, boarding gates, flight status and other information. Passengers can learn about flight status in a timely manner through these displays, making it easier for them to make corresponding arrangements and adjustments.

6. in conclusion

      The installation of airport LED displays not only brings economic benefits to the airport, but also provides passengers with a more convenient and diverse service experience. The same is true for train stations, bus stations and high-speed rail stations. If you are looking for an airport or train station LED screen solution, EagerLED can provide you with a variety of options. Whether it is used to display flight information, advertising or art display, we can provide you with customized solutions. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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