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How Much Do You Know About LED Soft Modules?

August 01, 2023

      Nowadays, LED displays are becoming more and more popular. In our daily life, we can often see displays of various shapes such as cylindrical and spherical, which are used for advertising or knowledge dissemination.


      LED displays can have different shapes and meet the needs of special application scenarios in various places is mainly due to the characteristics of LED soft modules . LED flexible display screens are very popular at home and abroad. Whether in terms of aesthetics or product functions, they can meet the aesthetics and needs of the public. They can be used for decoration, advertising or knowledge dissemination, etc., to achieve multi-purpose on one screen. effect . In this article, we will deeply discuss the characteristics and application fields of LED soft modules.

1. What is a flexible LED module?


      Flexible LED modules, also known as soft LED modules, are LED display modules made of flexible materials. It consists of a stable lamp bead, a flexible PCB and a silicone bottom case, and has the characteristics of any curl and shape.


      Flexible LED modules have the advantages of being thin, bendable, and rollable, and can adapt to various unconventional display scenarios and shapes. It has broad application prospects in commercial advertisements, exhibition displays, stage performances, smart homes and wearable devices. At the same time, flexible LED modules also have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and reliability, and are one of the important directions for the development of LED display technology in the future. Choosing a flexible LED module will bring users a more flexible and high-quality visual experience.

2. Features of flexible LED modules


1. Flexible and bendable


      The LED soft module uses flexible substrate materials, which can be bent and folded to meet the installation needs of irregular shapes. It can adapt to unconventional display scenarios such as arcs and cylinders.


2. Thin and portable


      Flexible LED modules are relatively thin, light in weight, and easy to carry and install. It can be used in occasions that need to be set up and dismantled quickly, such as exhibitions, events, etc.


3. High flexibility


      LED soft modules can be customized according to the needs of different shapes and sizes, such as arc, wave, three-dimensional shape and so on. Whether it is a flat or curved display, whether it is a large display or a small display, flexible LED display modules can meet various needs.


4. Impact resistance and folding resistance


      The LED soft module uses flexible materials with high impact resistance and folding resistance, which makes the flexible LED display module reduce the risk of damage to a certain extent.


5. Easy installation


      The flexible LED module is easy to install: it adopts strong magnetic adsorption installation, direct adsorption, simple and easy installation, and convenient maintenance, which greatly reduces the burden of use and allows customers to easily and completely install the work.


6. Wide range of application fields


Flexible LED display modules are suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions, such as commercial advertisements, entertainment performances, stadiums, etc. It can flexibly display a variety of content according to different needs and spaces, meeting the needs of different scenes for display effects, shapes and display methods.

3. Where can LED soft modules be used?


      LED soft modules can be applied in various occasions and places, and its flexibility and diverse display effects make it the first choice for designers and marketers.


1)Curved LED Display


      Curved LED display is one of the most common applications of LED flexible modules. It can design and manufacture curved, curved, convex or concave LED displays according to actual needs.


      Curved LED displays are widely used in stage backgrounds, concerts and other places. By presenting different curved shapes, they can bring more shocking and immersive visual experience to the audience.

2)Cylindrical LED screen


      Traditional LED displays are often in a flat shape, but cylindrical LED screens break this limitation by curling the LED soft module into a cylindrical shape so that it can present content in 360 degrees.


      There are many columns in the central column of some shopping malls, hotels, bars, etc., and the cylindrical LED screen attracts the attention of the audience through its unique display effect and sense of space, creating visual impact and artistic beauty.

3)Other creative led screens: wavy and strip LED displays


      LED soft modules can also be applied to various other creative LED screens, such as wavy and strip LED displays. The wavy LED display can create a display effect with undulations by setting different wavy curves, making the image more vivid and colorful. The strip-shaped LED display has a slender shape, which can be used in various narrow spaces or special occasions, such as stair handrails, track edges, etc., which not only meets the needs of information transmission, but also does not affect the original design and design of the place. Function.


      As an LED module and screen manufacturer with rich experience and professional technology, EagerLED can meet the manufacturing needs of various shapes and shapes of creative LED screens.

4. Drive your business with flexible LED modules

      In today's competitive business environment, an innovative and unique way of communicating is critical to driving business growth. And flexible LED modules can make full use of visual advantages to attract people's attention, bringing many opportunities and potentials to your business.


1. Creative designs with different shapes


      Flexible LED panels can be bent, curved or even wavy as required. This provides enterprises with unlimited creative space to create unique and eye-catching advertising displays based on product characteristics and brand image. Whether in shopping malls, exhibitions, event sites or outdoor billboards, flexible LED modules can attract the attention of more target audiences through their creative designs with diverse shapes.


      EagerLED's LED displays are available in a variety of shape designs and modules of various sizes and pitches.


2. Improve advertising effectiveness


      Innovative LED modules can improve advertising effectiveness and deliver more vivid and eye-catching information. The flexible LED module has a variety of display methods, such as dynamic images, video playback, brightness adjustment and other functions, which can be flexibly set according to different promotion needs to improve advertising effects.


3. Intelligent development


With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, 3D, VR/AR, and human-screen interaction, flexible LED modules can achieve more advanced intelligent management and operation. The combination of flexible LED modules and intelligent technology can achieve accurate target audience positioning and personalized push, and promote business growth. Therefore, utilizing flexible LED modules to drive your business is an innovative and effective choice.

5. Why Choose Flexible LED Module Manufacturer-EagerLED

      EagerLED is a professional LED screen and flexible LED module manufacturer. Choose EagerLED indoor and outdoor flexible LED modules, you will be able to obtain high-quality, high-flexibility and reliability products as well as unique creative LED display solutions.


1. High quality LED chip


      As the core component of flexible LED modules, the quality of LED chips directly affects the display effect and lifespan. The flexible LED display module uses high-quality LED chips such as National Star and Jinlai to ensure a high refresh rate and the best color uniformity, and can provide excellent display effects. In addition, these LED chips also have high durability and reliability, and can work stably for a long time, providing customers with reliable products.


2. SMD three-in-one LED


      EagerLED uses highly reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2121 to ensure a high refresh rate of 1920Hz or 3840Hz for flexible LED display modules.


      Compared with traditional independent LED chips, SMD 3-in-1 LED has smaller size and higher integration, and can provide more delicate and vivid color performance, making the display effect even better.


3. High flexibility


      The flexible LED modules can be easily replaced or removed from the front. The special-shaped LED display can be combined at will to make the display more fashionable and beautiful.


      The flexible LED modules provided by EagerLED can meet various ideas and needs of customers. Whether it is a curved display screen, a flexible LED curtain wall or a curved LED ceiling, EagerLED can provide products that meet the requirements.


4. More than 72 hours of module aging


      As a responsible manufacturer, EagerLED conducts strict aging tests for each flexible LED module shipped out of the factory to ensure its quality and stability.


      After more than 72 hours of continuous work, the module has undergone durability and stability tests to detect and solve potential problems in advance. This high level of aging testing ensures product reliability and long-term stable operation, bringing higher customer satisfaction and return on investment.

6. in conclusion

In this article, we introduce some related knowledge of soft and flexible LED modules. Creative flexible LED screens will make your venue more eye-catching. As one of the professional flexible LED module factories, EagerLED will provide you with a complete display system solution.

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