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How to choose the model of LED display? 6 selection skills to teach you

March 22, 2023

1 Select according to the size of the LED display

There are many specifications and sizes of LED display, such as P1.25, P1.53, P1.56, P1.86, P2.0, P2.5, P3 (indoor), P5 (outdoor), P8 (outdoor), P10 (outdoor) etc. The spacing and display effect of different sizes are different, so choose according to the situation.

2 Select according to the brightness of the LED display

The brightness requirements of indoor LED display and outdoor LED display are different. For example, indoor brightness is required to be greater than 800cd/m², semi-indoor brightness is greater than 2000cd/m², and outdoor brightness is greater than 4000cd/m² or greater than 8000cd/m². The brightness requirements of the LED display will be higher, so pay special attention to this detail when selecting the model.

3 Select according to the aspect ratio of the LED display

The aspect ratio of the installed LED display will directly affect the viewing effect, so the aspect ratio of the LED display is also an important factor to be considered in the selection. Generally, the graphic screen does not have a fixed ratio, which is mainly determined by combining the display content, while the more common aspect ratio of the video screen is generally 4:3, 16:9, etc.

4 Select according to the refresh rate of the LED display

The higher the refresh rate of the LED display, the more stable and smooth the picture will be. Our common LED display refresh rate is generally higher than 1000 Hz or 3000 Hz, so you should also pay attention to its refresh rate when choosing an LED display. Low, otherwise it will affect the viewing effect, and sometimes even water ripples will appear.

5 Select according to the LED display control mode

The most common control methods of LED display mainly include WIFI wireless control, RF wireless control, GPRS wireless control, 4G full Netcom wireless control, 3G (WCDMA) wireless control, automatic control, timing control and so on. Everyone can choose the corresponding control method according to their needs.

6 Select according to the color of the LED display

LED display screens can be divided into monochrome screens, dual-color screens or full-color screens. Among them, LED monochrome display screens are luminous screens with only one color, and the display effect is not very good; LED dual-color screens are generally composed of 2 red + green LEDs. Composed of diodes, it can present subtitles, pictures, etc.; the LED full-color display is rich in colors, and can present various pictures, videos, subtitles, etc. At present, LED two-color display and LED full-color display are more widely used.

Through the above six tips, I hope to help you in the selection of LED display screens. In the end, you still need to make a choice based on your own situation and needs.

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