EagerLED engineers are conducting a professional training on running LED displays with LED video controllers. During the training, the engineers actively communicated and explained with the customers, introduced the features of the Novastar video controller, and explained the functions and operation methods of the controller interface to the customers in detail.

      First, the engineers introduced the connection method of the Novastar controller and the functions of each button to the customer in detail, and explained every detail in detail. Customers have carefully studied and recorded these important information in order to better grasp the use of the controller.

      Next, the engineers introduced to the customer how to use the noavLCT software to connect the LED main screen. They explained in detail the steps of setting up the loading line connection diagram and setting up the projection to ensure that the customer can complete these operations correctly. Completion of these steps is an important step in connecting the controller with the display.

      After completing the above steps, the engineers continued to introduce how to adjust the controller to the main screen signal source HDMI. They demonstrated the operation steps of each setting option in detail to ensure that customers can accurately adjust the signal source of the controller to achieve a good display effect.

      Finally, the engineers introduced how to use the video playback software to release the video material and ensure that the LED video screen can be successfully played synchronously. They guide customers to set playback parameters on the controller interface, and send video material through the control software to ensure that the video is played synchronously on the display. After hard study and practice, the customers have successfully completed the training course.

      Throughout the training process, the customers were very serious and focused, actively participated in the discussion, and were very satisfied with the explanation and guidance of the engineers. The engineers fully demonstrated their professionalism and patience in the training to ensure that customers can get a complete training experience.

      Through this training, customers have successfully familiarized themselves with the use of Novastar video controllers and mastered the skills of operating LED displays. They are very satisfied with the training effect and highly appraised EagerLED's professional service. The engineers are also proud of successfully completing this training task, and they are willing to provide customers with higher-quality technical support and make greater contributions to promoting the development of the LED screen industry.

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