Right-angle LED screens are a common display device that are widely used in shopping malls, subway stations, airports and other places to provide information display and advertising. Among them, the 500x500mm cabinet of the EA250W series is the main component of the columnar LED screen, with a pixel pitch of P3.91 and excellent display effect and reliability.

      The design of the right-angle LED screen is based on special needs and site space constraints. It adopts a unique columnar shape so that information can be better displayed in a three-dimensional space. It can realize a display screen of any height through the combination of multiple cabinets to adapt to the needs of different places.

      The 500x500mm cabinet of the EA250W series is precisely designed and installed to ensure the flatness and seamlessness of the screen. This means that whether it is a single box or a combination of multiple boxes, seamlessly connected images can be achieved, giving the audience a smoother and more realistic visual experience.

      This series of right-angle LED screens adopt a P3.91 pixel pitch, which means that the distance between pixels is smaller and can provide a clearer and more delicate display effect. Viewers can enjoy high-resolution images and videos at close range, and both text and pictures can present more delicate details and colors.

      The application scenarios of right-angle LED screens are very wide. In shopping malls, it can be used to display the latest promotions and offers to attract customers' attention. In subway stations and airports, it can be used to play timetables and travel tips for passengers to check. In addition, columnar LED screens can also be used in exhibitions and conference activities to provide important speeches and agenda information.

      In summary, the right-angle LED screen provides excellent display effects and reliability through the 500x500mm cabinet of the EA250W series and the pixel pitch of P3.91. It can realize information display and advertising in shopping malls, subway stations, airports and other places, bringing a smooth and delicate visual experience to the audience. Right-angle LED screens have a wide range of applications, providing solutions to the needs of different places.

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