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Outdoor LED display , what you need to know!

June 09, 2023

      The novel communication form of outdoor led display has gradually occupied an important position in the field of advertising media. Compared with the boring traditional information dissemination method, this characteristic and diversified transmission method is easier to be accepted by everyone. Outdoor led display This novel form of communication has gradually occupied an important position in the field of advertising media.


      In this article, we will introduce the characteristics , application , installation , etc. of the outdoor LED display for you .

1. Definition of outdoor LED display

       Outdoor LED displays usually appear in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the media for advertising information set up on the roof of the main building, in front of the door of the commercial area, on the roadside and  other outdoor venues. The main forms include road LED display screens, LED electronic display screens, LED full-color screens , and LED screens .and other forms.



      Outdoor LED displays have become a popular and cost-effective modern advertising solution with great potential for return on investment. With its ability to broadcast real-time content, audio playback capabilities, and dynamic display capabilities, LED displays provide consumers with a more engaging and immersive experience. No wonder they are widely used in commercial plazas , shopping malls , stadiums and other public places for efficient and visually impactful  branding.


2. What can the outdoor LED screen bring to you ?

      An outdoor LED display is a powerful marketing tool that can bring many benefits to your business.


1) attract more customers


      Outdoor LED displays have high-definition picture quality and large size. They are characterized by powerful visual effects, which can quickly transmit information through huge displays, attract more eyes and attract more customers.


2) Advertising is more flexible


      Outdoor LED displays are more flexible in advertising presentation. Unlike traditional advertisements that need to be printed and replaced, the outdoor LED display only needs to be modified on the terminal device to realize the playback of new content, and there is no need to bear additional printing costs. Therefore, the outdoor LED display can make your advertisement more flexible, easier to update and adjust.


3) Long release time , saving investment costs


      The outdoor LED display has a long release time and can play 24 hours a day. At the same time, it has anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, shock-proof and other performances in harsh outdoor environments. The overall performance is strong and cost-effective. Therefore, the information transmission of the outdoor LED display is all-weather, which can well guide potential customers and help enterprises achieve the best advertising effect with less investment costs, thereby saving advertising investment costs.


4) enhance brand image


      Outdoor LED screens can not only convey your product advantages and marketing messages, but also enhance your brand image. Due to its unique lighting effects, LED screens can produce dynamic , colorful , high-definition advertisements and information. This visual impact can strengthen your brand image by making your customers remember your brand more strongly and connect it with colour, sound and shape.

3. Product Features of Outdoor LED Display

High protection level


      The outdoor environment is constantly changing, with high temperatures in some places and frequent rain in others. Therefore, the protection level of the outdoor large LED display needs to reach IP65 or above to ensure that rainwater can be prevented from entering the screen. During the installation process, it is also necessary to pay attention to factors such as lightning protection and anti-static induction to ensure safe operation.


high brightness


      The outdoor LED screen has an adjustable high brightness feature. In general, the brightness of outdoor LED screens exceeds 5500cd, which can still display clearly even under strong light, providing users with a high-quality visual experience.


high definition images


      Outdoor LED screens can present high-definition images with higher resolution. Each LED light bead can be displayed with high brightness, making the image more vivid and the quality clearer. Users can even enjoy fine videos and animations, which highlights the effect of advertising. Through this superior image quality effect, the visual experience of the audience can be greatly improved, attracting higher attention, and then obtaining more market and advertising benefits.

easy to maintain


      Due to the high cost of installing an outdoor large LED display, easy maintenance is very important, which is a key factor to ensure the long-term stable operation of the display. In addition, the outdoor large LED display is easy to maintain and can save maintenance costs and labor costs.

4. Application scenarios of outdoor LED display

      Outdoor LED display is a high-definition display, which has the characteristics of high brightness , waterproof and dustproof, so it is widely used in outdoor occasions. The following will introduce the application scenarios of outdoor LED display.


(1) billboard


      Outdoor billboards are one of the most common application scenarios for outdoor LED displays. In places such as city centers , business districts or tourist attractions, you can often see a variety of outdoor billboards, which are usually composed of LED displays. Because the outdoor LED display has the characteristics of high brightness and long-distance visibility, it is very suitable as a display screen for billboards.

(2) stage performance


      Outdoor LED displays are also often used in stage performances. In large-scale events such as music festivals , concerts , and sports competitions, outdoor LED displays can be used to display performance information, artist images, and real-time broadcasts. The outdoor LED display can not only provide high-definition image effects, but also bring a more shocking audio-visual experience to the audience through the cooperation of rich lighting effects and music.

(3) city buildings


      Outdoor LED displays can also be used on urban buildings, such as high-rise buildings , squares, etc. These outdoor LED displays usually broadcast city information , weather forecast , clock, etc., and can also be used for publicity and promotion of urban cultural activities.

(4) traffic sign


      Outdoor LED displays can also be used for traffic signs, such as electronic road signs on roads, boarding gate signs at airports, train schedules at stations, etc. Outdoor LED displays can provide high brightness and long-distance visibility, making it easier for drivers or passengers to obtain relevant information.

5. What are the installation methods of outdoor LED display ?

      several common installation methods and precautions for outdoor LED displays .

Hanging installation


      The hanging installation method is usually used for some outdoor large-scale activities, exhibitions, or facades where it is not convenient to install brackets. This installation method has the characteristics of convenient installation and maintenance.


floor installation


      The floor-mounted installation method is suitable for high-definition display of small-area screens. It can be directly on the bottom of the screen, or it can be slightly fixed and styled for decoration on the bottom screen. Generally, it also adopts an integrated design, and there is also a split-column combination design. This installation method is slightly more used indoors, and outdoor LED displays are relatively less .


Embedded installation


      The embedded installation method of outdoor LED display is to embed the entire screen into the wall, and the outdoor LED display surface and the wall surface are kept flat and at the same level. This installation method can adopt a simple box design. The traditional installation method is the best way to maintain before use.


wall mount


      This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors. The display area of the screen is small, and generally there is no space for maintenance access. The entire screen can be removed for maintenance, or it can be made into a foldable integrated frame. The outdoor led display is slightly larger in size, and generally adopts a front maintenance design (that is, a front maintenance design, which usually adopts a column assembly method).


Roof installation


      The roof installation method of outdoor LED display needs to fully consider the local wind environment. This is more critical. It must be able to withstand the wind. Safety is always the first. Generally, it is installed with an inclined angle, or a module It adopts an inclined 8° design and is mostly used for outdoor advertising display.


Supported /column mounted


      It is very common for outdoor LED displays to adopt support installation methods, including single column, double column, and creative column, etc. The column installation method is usually used for outdoor advertising and road signal signs. This installation method is characterized by simple and intuitive structure, low installation cost, and is suitable for some small display screens.

6. How to choose a reliable outdoor LED display supplier

      Below, we will discuss how to choose a reliable outdoor LED display supplier from the following aspects.


product quality


      Product quality is the key factor to judge whether the outdoor LED display supplier is reliable, because only the product quality passes the standard, can the long-term use and stability of the product be guaranteed. Common indicators about product quality include brightness, color reproduction, contrast, stability, and more. When consumers choose, they can check the supplier's past products, customer evaluation and industry evaluation to understand the quality level of the product.


Scale operation


      The scale operation of outdoor LED display suppliers is also an important consideration for customers to choose. Whether the supplier's large-scale operation can meet the needs of consumers in a short period of time, and provide timely delivery and after-sales service, while also ensuring product quality, supply chain reliability, and supply stability. A large-scale and powerful outdoor LED display supplier must have perfect supply chain management and strict quality control system.

Popularity and word of mouth


      When choosing a reliable outdoor LED display supplier, pay attention to their popularity and reputation. Outdoor LED display suppliers with high popularity and good reputation generally have high reputation and brand value, can provide stable products and high-quality services, and can allow consumers to buy and use with confidence.


reasonable price


      Price is also an important aspect because each brand's budget is different. Therefore, when choosing a reliable outdoor LED display supplier, consumers need to find a supplier with a reasonable price within their own budget.


Whether the delivery is timely


      Timely delivery is also crucial for consumers to choose a reliable outdoor LED display supplier, because time loss leads to profit loss, and delivery time is one of the rational rights to determine whether a contract is completed.

7.Outdoor LED display provided by EagerLED

EA960R1 Series 960x960mm Standard Outdoor LED Display


      Eager LED EA960R1 series 960x960mm standard LED display is a multifunctional LED display with a standard size of 960*960mm for outdoor and indoor use. You can use this 960x960mm standard cabinet to make fixed installation advertising screens, rental screens and stadium screens with various pixel pitches.


Why Choose EA960R1 Series


      1. Wide viewing angle : EagerLED EA960R1 series 960x960mm standard outdoor LED display adopts high-brightness dot matrix technology and has a wider viewing angle. No matter how big the viewing angle is, you can see the clarity and good saturation of the picture. So that customers can see relevant information from a distance with a larger angle.

      2. High refresh rate: EA960R1 series adopts high-quality LED driver chip, so that the product has the characteristics of high refresh rate and grayscale. The high refresh rate exceeds 1920Hz , which can better display dynamic images and provide customers with more realistic and three-dimensional vision feel.


      3. Waterproof and dustproof : The protection level of EA960R1 series box reaches IP65, and the fully sealed box is weatherproof, dustproof and moistureproof, which improves the protection level of the LED display to a new level, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the product sex.


      4. Exquisite cabinet design : EA960R1 series LED display products are light in weight, quick to lock, compact in structure, easy to install, and without gaps. The humanized handle design makes it easier for you to move the cabinet.


      5. Ultra-light cabinet : EA960R1 series LED display weighs only 25kg, which is convenient for transportation and saves your labor cost. It is light in weight and easy to install , assemble and disassemble.

EagerLED EA960F2 Series Outdoor Energy Saving LED Screen

      EagerLED EA960F2 series outdoor LED display is a new generation of outdoor fixed installation LED display. High-protection chassis panel design, energy-saving LED display, 960*960mm standard size cabinet, 480mm*320mm module size. Ultra-low heat generation and power consumption, power saving and excellent visual experience.

Why choose EA960F2 series


      Dual service for front and rear maintenance : The design of dual service mode for front and rear saves you maintenance costs. LED panels can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.


      IP66 dustproof and waterproof : suitable for outdoor applications, with high waterproof and dustproof grades. It can resist some bad weather during outdoor activities.


      High protection performance : aluminum LED module, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation. The whole product can reach 5VB fire rating.


      Safety belt design : Each LED module is equipped with a safety belt to prevent the module from falling and hitting people.


      480*320mm aluminum LED panel : EA960F2 series LED display panel is designed with aluminum frame. The aluminum chassis features a screwless design with locking edges. Fully sealed design to protect its internal components.


      Recycling, environment and economy : Die-cast aluminum chassis, the recycling rate of the whole machine is 90%. Long service life, 30% redundancy when using 7000nits. Using 10000nits, 3000nits can maintain 7000nits for 5 years, and the heat dissipation performance is good .

8. Why choose EagerLED outdoor LED display

      EagerLED is a leading LED screen manufacturer and solution provider, enjoying a good reputation and reputation among global customers. If you are looking for a reliable outdoor LED display, then you should choose EagerLED!


strict quality control


      EagerLED regards quality as life. EagerLED has the most advanced automated production equipment, and we strictly follow the requirements of ISO9001, all of which ensure the high quality of our LED screens.


high quality raw materials


      EagerLED strictly controls every link of product production, and the materials and components used all meet CE/FCC/ROHS certification standards. We insist on using high-quality materials and components from internationally renowned companies .


Rich production experience


      As a LED display manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, EagerLED leads the industry in technological innovation. We continue to develop new technologies and innovative processes to optimize production processes and production costs, and continuously improve product quality and stability.

All-round after-sales service


      EagerLED provides all-round after-sales service, so that customers have no worries. We are equipped with a professional after-sales service team to provide 7x24 hours of all-weather service .


favorable price


      EagerLED stands out with high-quality outdoor LED displays and more favorable prices. Compared with similarly competitive products in the market, we have the most advanced automated production equipment, efficient delivery capabilities and excellent R&D capabilities, so that customers can enjoy More benefits.

9. Conclusion

      In this article, we have introduced you the characteristics , application , installation and other aspects of the outdoor LED display. As a professional outdoor LED display manufacturer, EagerLED has rich experience and technology. If you are looking for a reliable outdoor LED display, EagerLED will be your best choice. If you need more information, please contact us immediately, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality services.

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