A customer from France ordered 20pcs P6.67 Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Displays from us. Thanks to French customers for their support and trust in our products, we will continue to work hard to produce higher quality products to meet your needs.

      These 20 outdoor stadium perimeter LED displays are composed of 960x800mm fixed LED displays. Our displays feature high-quality materials and advanced technology for outstanding performance and reliability.


      Our displays have a quick lock function and are compact and fit seamlessly. This makes the installation process easier and faster, reducing installation time and effort.

      We also designed a humanized handle for each display screen, which is convenient for users to move the cabinet. This makes adjusting and laying out the display easier and more convenient.

      In order to enhance the stability of the display, we have equipped each display with an independent support structure. This structure is able to maintain balance and stability when subjected to strong impacts, ensuring that the display will not collapse or be damaged.


      In addition to this, we also have soft pillows on the top of the display, which are specially used to protect the player and LED screen. This special design can reduce the impact of external impact on the display and prolong the service life of the display.

      At the same time, our LED screen cabinet has a protection level up to IP65, and the fully sealed design can effectively prevent wind, dust and moisture. This means our displays will work and maintain their quality and performance whether in harsh weather conditions or in dusty and humid environments.

      In summary, thanks to French customers for their order of 20 P6.67 outdoor stadium perimeter LED displays. Our products have fast locking function, independent support structure and humanized design, which can keep stable under strong impact and harsh environment. The high protection grade design ensures the durability and reliability of the display. We will continue to work hard to provide you with high-quality products and excellent services. Thank you again for your support and look forward to working with you.

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They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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