The LED Stadium Perimeter Advertising Screen is a light-weight, fast-locking function, and compact LED display. Its convenient no-gap installation allows you to install this monitor with ease. In addition, the humanized handle design makes it easier for you to move the cabinet. The product also has an independent support structure, which can maintain stability even under strong external shocks. The installation angle of the cabinet can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation on site.

      The first is the IP65 waterproof design. Stadiums often face a variety of weather conditions, including rain, snow, and more. In order to ensure that the LED screen can work normally in harsh weather conditions, IP65 waterproof design is very important. This design can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating into the display screen, thus ensuring the stability and long life of the screen.

      Followed by the quick lock function. Stadiums often require frequent changes and adjustments of display content, so a quick-lock feature is required to allow the display to be installed and adjusted quickly and easily. This design can improve installation efficiency and save time and labor costs.

      Humanized handlebar design is also very important. When it is necessary to adjust the position or angle of the LED screen, designing a handlebar design for easy operation and control can make the process easier and more comfortable. The humanized design can reduce the labor intensity of the staff and improve work efficiency.

      Exquisite cabinet design can improve the aesthetics and texture of the entire LED screen. The LED screen in the stadium is usually displayed in a large area, so its appearance design is particularly important. An exquisite cabinet design can make the display more attractive and enhance the audience's visual experience.

      An efficient cooling system is essential. The LED screen is easy to generate heat when it works for a long time. If there is no good cooling system to maintain its working temperature, the LED will be damaged, which will affect the display effect and life. Therefore, an efficient cooling system can ensure the stable operation of the LED screen and prolong its service life.

      The independent support structure is an important part of the logistics design of the LED screens around the stadium. This independent support structure is stable and reliable, and can resist the influence of wind and vibration. The  independent support structure can also make the connection between the LED screen and the surrounding environment more closely and enhance the overall stability.

      In addition, the installation angle of the cabinet can be flexibly changed according to the actual situation on site. The LED screens in the stadium often need to be installed in different positions and angles, and it is very important to flexibly adjust the angle according to actual needs. This design can adapt to different installation scenarios and improve the flexibility and efficiency of installation.

      Finally, the soft pillow design can improve the impact resistance of the display. Around the stadium, the LED screen may be subjected to various shocks and collisions, so a soft pillow design is required to protect the screen. This design can reduce damage during collisions and protect the safety and reliability of the screen.

      To sum up, the outdoor stadium perimeter LED display has been carefully designed, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has advanced logistics support functions. It is light in weight, compact in structure, easy to install and move. Features a self-contained support structure and soft pillows to keep equipment safe.

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