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Technology | Technical Standards for Outdoor LED Screen

February 01, 2023

EA320F P10 outdoor advertising LED display

1. Outdoor LED screens need intelligent constant temperature

The heat of the outdoor LED screen comes from three aspects: solar radiation, air convection, and internal electronic components heating during operation. Whether it is air-conditioning or forced air cooling, outdoor led advertising screens generally meet the operating requirements of temperature: -30°C-55°C, humidity: 10%-90%. According to the regional temperature difference and the location of the equipment, the outdoor LED screen must have equipment that understands the temperature in order to ensure the normal use of the screen.

2. The outdoor LED display should be anti-riot and anti-theft

Outdoor LED screens are generally used in outdoor public places, so the safety of the LED screen itself must first be considered. Screw exposure should be avoided, combined with anti-theft locks and strong structural support to solve the problem of anti-theft.

EA-ofixed P6.67 outdoor fixed installation LED display

3. The outdoor LED screen should be waterproof and dustproof.

If you want to use it outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to face. Generally, the waterproof level reaches IPX5, and it can operate normally in heavy rain; outdoor display equipment must have a specially designed dustproof structure and dustproof filter equipment, that is, the protection level must reach IP65.

4.  The Outdoor LED screen should be anti-reflection

To make the interface clearly visible in the outdoor environment, it is necessary to use specially coated glass to improve the viewing angle and resolution of the picture and reduce the reflection of the screen.

EA500C3 P4.81 outdoor rental LED display

5. Outdoor LED screens should be protected against lightning and electromagnetic interference.

In order to achieve all-weather outdoor playback performance, outdoor display equipment must also have a reliable lightning protection and electronic control design to provide safety guarantee for the equipment in thunderstorm days. The anti-electromagnetic interference of outdoor LED screens is very important. The internal electronic components of the LED display screen are shielded to prevent external electromagnetic interference on LED products.

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