The EA1000H4 rental screen box adopts an ultra-thin design, and the external back cover can be removed, and the back cover can also be shared with the 500H4 series. The cabinet adopts a high-precision arc lock design, which is very suitable for arc installation needs. The design of LED corner guards can effectively protect the LED module and avoid damage or collision during use. The design of the magnetic module makes the installation and removal process more convenient and faster, improving the efficiency of operation. In addition, the waterproof performance of the EA1000H4 rental screen is also very good.

       First of all, the EA1000H4 rental screen adopts an ultra-thin design, which means that the thickness of its cabinet is relatively thin and can better adapt to the needs of various space environments. The advantage of the ultra-thin design is that it can provide users with greater flexibility and freedom, allowing the rental screen to be better integrated into various scenarios.

      At the same time, the back cover of the EA1000H4 rental screen can be removed, which means that we can operate it more conveniently when maintenance or internal modules need to be replaced. In addition, the feature of sharing the back cover with the 500H4 series can make different series of rental screens more versatile and facilitate subsequent maintenance and expansion.

      The cabinet of the EA1000H4 rental screen also adopts a high-precision arc lock design. This design can ensure that each module of the rental screen remains firmly connected after installation, preventing the modules from loosening or falling off due to external forces. For scenes with curved installation requirements, this design is very important, ensuring that the rental screen can perfectly fit the curved structure and present a smoother and smoother visual effect.

      In addition, the EA1000H4 rental screen also adopts an LED corner guard design. Since rental screens may be subject to collisions or other external forces during use, providing corner protection for LED modules can effectively reduce damage to LED lamp beads or circuit boards due to collisions. This design can extend the service life of the rental screen and ensure its stable and reliable operation.

      In terms of installation and removal, the EA1000H4 rental screen adopts a magnetic module design. The modules are fixed by magnetic attraction, which makes installation and removal very simple and fast. This design not only improves the efficiency of operation, but also reduces the risk of misoperation and improves personnel safety and work efficiency.

      To sum up, the excellent design and functions of the EA1000H4 rental screen make it an ideal LED screen.

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