GOB LED display modules have a high waterproof rating. The surface of the module adopts innovative glue sealing technology, which can effectively protect the LED module from water. At the same time, advanced new materials are used to cover the lamp surface, providing a more effective protective layer. This design ensures the stable operation of the display in a humid environment and meets the high requirements of waterproof performance.

      GOB LED display modules have a high shockproof rating. Its specially designed anti-collision glue has a shockproof function, which can provide ultra-high protection for the LED when subjected to various impacts. This anti-shock design prevents shaking and collisions from affecting the display effect, enabling the display to operate safely under harsh conditions.

      GOB LED display module has a high dustproof level. The screen surface is made of high-quality new materials, with high sealing performance, completely dust-free, with excellent clarity and uniform color. With a high refresh rate, it can present a smoother picture with excellent visual effects. This high dust-proof design not only protects the long life of the LED module, but also improves the experience of using the display.

      GOB LED modules are able to provide realistic colors and visual appearance. It adopts high-quality LED chips and advanced dimming technology, which can accurately present various colors. Whether it is a picture, video or text content, it can be displayed in a very real form. This realistic display effect can attract the attention of the audience and enhance the effect of advertising or publicity.

      All in all, GOB LED display module has the characteristics of high moisture-proof, water-proof and anti-collision protection. Innovative glue potting and specially designed anti-collision glue protect the LED module, even in harsh environments such as humidity, vibration or impact, the display can still run stably for a long time. At the same time, the high dust-proof design and high-quality LED chips can provide high-quality display effects and attract the attention of the audience. With its excellent performance and reliability, GOB LED display module has become an ideal choice for building large-scale displays in various scenarios.

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