Transparent LED display application

November 10, 2023

      With the construction of innovative cities, the heaviness of traditional LED displays has been slowly changed. Some traditional advertising styles are gradually being eliminated in functional applications in some areas. Fashionable and technologically advanced LED transparent displays have a new image in the city. It has risen rapidly in China and has become the focus of many advertisers.


      This article will take you to understand where transparent LED displays are used in our lives.

1. What is a transparent LED display

      What is LED transparent screen? As the name implies, the transparent LED display screen has the property of transmitting light like glass. It has a permeability of 50% to 90%, and the panel thickness is only about 10mm. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation method.


      The transparent LED unit panel can be installed close to the glass from behind the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass. It has little impact on the lighting perspective of the glass curtain wall and is easy to install and maintain.


      The transparent LED display is based on micro-innovation of the traditional LED light strip screen. By improving the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system, and adopting a hollow-design structure, the transparent LED display successfully reduces the obstruction of the structural components to the line of sight and improves its transparency and lighting performance.

2. Characteristics of LED transparent screen

      1. High transparency: The light transmittance is as high as 70%, which can achieve good light transmission effect. Compared with traditional LED screens, transparent LED screens use a transparent backplane and encapsulate LED lamp beads inside the backplane, allowing light to pass through the LED screen and maintain better transparency. This means that when viewing the LED transparent screen, people can see the background scenery through the screen without blocking their line of sight, thus providing a more natural and open viewing experience.


      2. Thin and light: The LED transparent screen adopts a thin and light design, compact structure and light weight, which can effectively reduce the load and facilitate installation and transportation. Because the transparent screen uses a transparent backplane and unique packaging technology, the transparent screen is lighter in weight and size compared to traditional LED screens. This not only reduces the installation, transportation and hanging burden, but also facilitates the transparent screen in Flexible application in different places.


      3. Easy and fast maintenance: The transparent LED screen has the characteristics of quick disassembly and installation, which facilitates daily maintenance and debugging. The modular design of the transparent screen allows individual modules to be assembled and disassembled independently, making it easy to maintain and replace the screen. In addition, the modularity of transparent screens can also help quickly troubleshoot, reduce maintenance costs, and improve maintenance efficiency, making the use of transparent LED screens more convenient and reliable.


      4. High refresh rate: The transparent LED screen uses advanced driving technology and high refresh rate to achieve high-quality image and video display effects. The high refresh rate of the transparent screen can maintain the smoothness and stability of the picture and avoid flickering or smearing.


      5. Wide range of applications: Transparent LED screens have a wide range of applications. It can be used in many places and environments such as commercial advertising, brand promotion, technology display, etc.

3. Applications of transparent LED displays

      Transparent LED screens are ideal in a variety of applications. The following are several common applications of transparent LED screens:


(1) Shopping mall


      Shopping malls are one of the main places for people to shop and consume. Transparent LED displays can be installed at the entrance of shopping malls or on glass windows in shops for advertising display and brand promotion. Transparent screens can attract customers’ attention and increase brand exposure. Very suitable for commercial LED displays.

(2)glass showcase


      Transparent LED display is suitable for window display. It can display product information and advertising content through multimedia forms such as projection or display video, allowing consumers to have a more intuitive understanding of the product. The high transparency of the transparent screen allows the products in the window to echo the content on the screen without completely blocking the background scenery, maintaining the overall beauty of the store.

(3)Building curtain wall


      Transparent LED displays can be installed on the curtain walls of high-rise buildings, giving the buildings a unique visual effect. Through the transparent screen, people can see the building behind the screen, and at the same time, when the screen displays content, it can also be clearly visible. This innovative display method not only increases the viewing quality of the building, but also provides new options for advertising and information transmission.

(4)Stage choreography


      Transparent LED displays are widely used in the field of stage dance. It can be used as part of the stage background to display static or dynamic images and videos, echoing the actors' performances, enhancing the visual impact and immersion of the performance. The high transparency and high refresh rate of the transparent screen enable the audience to better see the performance on the stage and the background scenery, bringing a more shocking visual experience.



      Transparent LED displays play an important role in exhibition venues. The transparent screen can be integrated with the exhibits to create a good exhibition atmosphere and improve the display effect and audience participation.

4. EagerLED transparent LED display solution!

      To meet various applications, EagerLED offers a variety of transparent LED screen options. Our product range includes a variety of sizes, resolutions and customization options.


EA1000TiF Indoor 1000x500mm fixed installation transparent LED screen

      Easy to install: supports stacking, hanging and fixed installation, the installation process is simple and convenient. Users can complete it easily, saving time and effort.


      Front maintenance design: The maintenance of EA1000TiF is very convenient. The front maintenance module is designed, and the module can be easily replaced and repaired by simply opening the front panel. This design greatly saves maintenance personnel time and energy and avoids disassembly of the entire screen.


      Standard size of 500*1000mm: Users can flexibly splice and combine displays according to actual needs to form the desired display effect.


      High transparency: 70% transparency, greatly reducing wind resistance, better cooling effect, and not affecting indoor vision. This makes it widely used in retail stores, shopping mall windows and other places, where it can attract customers' attention and enhance the display effect of products.


      Light weight and small space occupation: Due to the die-cast aluminum material and thin structure design, the weight is only 7.5kg/piece and takes up little space.


      No need for steel structure: The thinner and lighter display body can be easily installed to the original glass curtain wall without the need for additional steel structure.

EagerLED EA1000TOR outdoor rental transparent LED display

      500*1000mm lightweight cabinet design: The cabinet uses high-quality die-cast aluminum cabinets with a transparent structure, weighs only 7.5kg/piece, and is only 80mm thick. This design makes the entire screen very lightweight and easy to transport and install.


      Supports curved installation: It adopts a high-precision curve lock design, which solves the problem that the old curve lock was difficult to use in the past. Through the rotation control, users can adjust the curve of the screen more accurately and conveniently. This design allows the screen to be bent and installed according to actual needs to adapt to different site requirements.


      High transparency: transparency reaches 70%. High transparency can greatly reduce the impact of the screen on wind resistance, while improving the heat dissipation effect without affecting outdoor vision.


      IP65 waterproof design: The display fully complies with the waterproof grade IP65 standard and can withstand water logging and rain immersion under various harsh weather conditions. This allows it to work continuously and stably during outdoor activities, regardless of the weather.


      Front desk service and maintenance: The front maintenance module is designed, and users can perform module replacement and maintenance by opening the front panel. This design facilitates operation by maintenance personnel and reduces the time and energy required for maintenance.


      Available for rental and fixed installation: Whether for rental or fixed installation, the EagerLED EA1000TOR outdoor rental transparent LED display can meet the needs of users and provide excellent visual effects.

EA1000TOF outdoor fixed installation transparent LED screen

      Convenient front and rear service and maintenance: Its modules can be installed and maintained front and back, making the product more adaptable to different on-site installation conditions. This design facilitates the operation of maintenance personnel and improves the maintainability of the product.


      500x1000mm size die-cast aluminum: The box is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum material, has a transparent structure, weighs only 7.5kg/piece, and is only 76mm thick. This design makes the entire screen very lightweight and easy to transport and install.


      UV resistance, protection level reaches IP65: It has high waterproof performance and fully meets the IP65 waterproof level standard. This allows it to withstand various harsh weather conditions and maintain stable operation in outdoor applications. Users do not need to worry about the impact of rain or other severe weather on the display.


      Stable structure and not easy to deform: It uses high-quality materials and technology and has good structural stability. Even during long-term use, the shape and performance of the screen can be maintained without deformation.


      70% high transparency: The transparency reaches 70%, which can maintain good light transmission without affecting the viewing effect. At the same time, high transparency can also greatly reduce the impact of the screen on wind resistance and improve the heat dissipation effect.


      Easy to install: supports stacking, hanging and fixed installation methods. Users can choose different installation methods according to actual needs and install the display screen in the appropriate location.


5. in conclusion

     In this article, we learn about the applications and related knowledge points of transparent LED displays.


     As one of the most professional LED display suppliers in China, EagerLED is committed to providing users with the best transparent LED display solutions. As a user, if you have questions about choosing a transparent LED display or are interested in LED displays, we will provide you with relevant help and answers. Please feel free to contact us, we are willing to provide you with high-quality service and support!

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