What is a creative LED display ? Learn quickly!

May 29, 2023

      With the improvement of human living standards and spiritual pursuits, people's requirements for LED display are also getting higher and higher. Creative LED display came into being. Creative LED display, also known as special-shaped screen, is a new branch of LED display application with innovation and creativity as the core.


      So what is a creative LED screen? And how it affects our business and our lives.

1、Definition of Creative LED Display

      Creative LED display refers to the LED display with special shape, which is derived on the basis of conventional LED display. Creative LED display breaks the simple, square and boring shape of traditional LED screens. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display highly creative content.


      The creative LED display can choose a specific installation method according to the overall structure and environment of the building, and the size and size can be customized according to site requirements. In terms of appearance, the LED creative screen can not only attract the audience's attention at the first time to achieve a better publicity effect, but also better expand the application range of large-screen splicing. In real life, you can see creative LED displays of various shapes, including: arc, rhombus, sphere, bucket arch, Rubik's cube, cylinder, etc.

2、Common Creative LED Displays

      The design style of the creative LED screen is bold and innovative, with various styles. Now let's take a look at the common creative LED displays.

LED spherical LED screen

      The LED spherical screen has a 360° full viewing angle, and you can feel good visual effects from any angle, without the problem of flat viewing angles. At the same time, it can also directly map spherical objects such as the earth, football, etc. to the display screen as needed. The picture is lifelike, and it is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, etc.

LED cube LED screen

      The LED Rubik's Cube is similar to the LED spherical screen. The LED Rubik's Cube is usually composed of six LED surfaces to form a cube, and it can also be spliced into a geometric shape. The minimum gap between the surfaces is perfectly connected. It can be viewed from any angle around, and it gets rid of the look and feel of traditional flat screens. It is suitable for installation in the atrium of bars, hotels or commercial real estate, and can give the audience a new visual experience.

Flexible LED screen

      Flexible LED screens can be deformed and bent to form various shapes and angles, and can be installed in curved positions. According to specific needs, it can be spliced into LED cylindrical screens, LED curved screens, etc. It is widely used in a wide range of places, and it is the new favorite of many media display places such as exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, stage bars, brand stores and other public places. It can not only look around from multiple angles, but also completely eliminate the viewing dead zone, which can also achieve the effect of large LED screen display.

Floor tile interactive LED screen

      Interactive LED display is also a kind of creative LED display. Human interactive LED display is actually the effect of human-screen interaction realized by combining LED display and somatosensory interaction system. Most of this kind of display is used in shopping malls and various scenic spots. It can capture the form, posture and movement of characters, and then interact through the effect of the display, which greatly enhances the sense of participation of tourists.

LED transparent screen

      LED transparent screen display often refers to the transparent screen with rigid light bar, which has the characteristics of light and thin, transparent, and transparent and beautiful playing images. It is an effective extension and expansion of the application of LED display products, mainly used in architectural glass curtain walls, windows and other fields.

3、Creative LED display features

      Innovative spirit centered on innovation and creativity, unique shape, strong rendering ability, full of personality, amazing effect.

structural breakthrough

      Compared with conventional LED displays, creative LED displays pay more attention to structural breakthroughs. Creative LED display modules mainly have fan-shaped, arc-shaped, circular, cylindrical, triangular and other structural forms. Creative LED displays are biased towards users with special needs, and are mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall squares and other environments. Since creative LED displays have different appearances and structures, the technical requirements for manufacturers are also more stringent. The design of the circuit and structure of creative LED display is complex, which puts forward high requirements on the research and development capabilities of manufacturers.

better creativity

      For a long time before, creative LED displays were realized by assembling or wrapping traditional rectangular flat modules. The most common creative LED displays are curved screens with large radians and flat circular screens. Inconsistencies, mosaics and other problems make the overall effect of the display screen poor. To solve this problem, Soft Screen Optoelectronics has developed special-shaped modules such as triangles and trapezoids, which can be assembled into various regular or irregular geometric LED displays such as spherical, rhombus, gemstone, and star.

Easy to install

      Creative LED display has the characteristics of light and thin, high pixel density, can display curved surface, easy installation and so on. The diversified, all-round and three-dimensional display makes the screen have a stronger visual impact, and greatly improves the function level and appearance decoration effect of the display screen. It is often used in exhibition halls, planning halls, digital exhibition halls and other places.

4、Advantages of creative LED display

      Today, the tide of the creative industry has swept the world. With the ultimate pursuit of dynamic dance effects in various theatrical performances, wedding shows, opening ceremony performances, and leisure and entertainment fields, creative display has increasingly become a hot spot in the field of indoor large-screen display and related companies. focus of competition. So what are the advantages of creative LED display? The following will reveal it for you.

Highlight individual culture

      For each creative display project, after in-depth interviews, careful listening, and careful combing, an exclusive customized plan is formed, using metaphors and exaggerated techniques, gorgeous video effects, to visualize abstract thoughts and cultures, and through new media technology. Carry out visual display to fully demonstrate the characteristics of individual culture.

A city landmark

      Creative LED display achieves city landmarks and enhances city image. On the basis of architecture or landscape, combine the basic elements and symbols of architecture to seek the best visual language. From the perspective of art and aesthetics, LED display elements and architecture can be perfectly integrated and further beautified and improved to achieve value sublimation and urban landmarks. , enhance the image of the city.

gather popularity

      The creative and magnificent LED display project, combined with the unique architecture, is bound to attract more eyeballs, bring together a large number of people here, and bring unlimited business opportunities.

5、Creative LED display application

      More and more people are choosing creative LED displays because of their high-quality images, rich colors and flexible interaction methods. At the same time, it is very convenient and easy to maintain. These characteristics have won wide favor for it in the market. The following will introduce the use of creative LED display in detail:

1. business activities

      Creative LED display screen can be used for publicity, promotion, discount information display of commercial activities, etc., which can attract customers' attention, increase consumers' desire to buy, and gain greater advantages in market competition.

2. Brand Promotion

      Creative LED displays can be used for brand promotion and awareness enhancement, and enhance brand image and brand loyalty by displaying brand LOGO, brand stories and other information.

3. News report

      Creative LED displays can be used to display news reports, current affairs comments, social hotspots and other information, which can attract the public's attention and enhance the readability and dissemination effect of information.

4. Exhibition

      The creative LED display can be used for exhibition display, and the quality and artistic effect of the exhibition can be improved by displaying exhibit introduction, VIP welcome and other information. ‍

6、EagerLED Creative LED Display Solution

Transparent LED Display

      Transparent LED display has attracted widespread attention for its excellent shape design and display performance. Its appearance has injected new vitality into traditional LED display screens, and has become a popular choice in commercial centers and other places, bringing advertisers more space to play and better information delivery.

Rental LED display

      Right Angle Rental LED Screen is a creative LED display screen, suitable for various events, stages, advertisements, theme parks, shopping malls, etc. It can be designed for cube creative LED display, die-cast aluminum cabinet, ultra-light weight, portable, quick setup.

      EagerLED adopts a unique bevel design, which makes the LED display have a 90°right angle feature. Each corner of the cabinet has a 45° slope. Precise seamless splicing and simple assembly enable the LED display to be designed as a qualified cube creative LED display. There are no gaps at any edge.

Flexible LED Module

      The design of the flexible LED module is more flexible and changeable, and can be designed arbitrarily to realize various forms such as curling, bending and swinging. Make any shape of LED video wall as you like.


      EagerLED flexible LED modules provide various pixels ranging from P1.875mm, P2mm, P3mm, P4mm to P5mm. Panel sizes can be 240×120mm, 320mm×160mm and 256×128mm.

7、the bottom line

      This article introduces you to the definition, characteristics, advantages and uses of creative LED display, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of creative LED display. If you have a strong interest in creative LED displays, you may wish to consider choosing EagerLED. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality creative LED displays to ensure that you can get the best visual effects. Contact us now for more detailed solutions!

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