Aluminum Shell LED Screen Module


Ultra-Thin LED Panel

The ultra-thin design of the aluminum shell LED display panel, the overall thickness is only 11.8mm

Ultra-high hardness

Aluminum LED screen panel, high hardness, high flatness after installation,

not afraid of extrusion, not afraid of high temperature, not easy to deform.

High Precision Design

We precisely control the negative tolerance of LED modules to achieve the best flatness.

  • Aluminum LED module VS Plastic LED module

Compared with plastic LED modules, aluminum LED modules have faster heat dissipation, higher hardness and no substance release.

320x160mm Series Aluminum Shell Indoor LED Module

Pixel Pitch LED Type Module Size(MM) Module Resolution Driving Mode Refresh Rate(Hz) Brightness(Nits)
P1.25mm SMD1010 320*160 256*128 1/34Scan 3840 ≥600
P1.53mm SMD1010 320*160 208*104 1/26Scan 3840 ≥600
P1.66mm SMD1010 320*160 192*96 1/32Scan 3840 ≥500
P1.86mm SMD1515 320*160 172*86 1/43Scan 3840 ≥500
P2mm SMD1515 320*160 160*80 1/40Scan 1920 / 3840 ≥800
P2.5mm SMD1515 320*160 128*64 1/32Scan 1920 / 3840 ≥800

LED Screen Module Panel

EagerLED offers a wide range of LED display modules from indoor to outdoor, from flexible soft LED modules to GOB LED modules, with ex-factory prices and fast delivery. All modules have undergone a 72-hour burn-in test and can provide high brightness, high refresh rate, and high grayscale, making the LED display with excellent visual performance. Welcome to contact us to buy.

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