Technology | Features of Outdoor Advertising LED Displays

October 02, 2022

Outdoor advertising commercial LED displays, with their vivid and real visual experience, make LED large screen an indispensable member of outdoor advertising carriers. Especially in the commercial center of the city, where there is a lot of people, outdoor LED large screens can be seen everywhere.

Due to the particularity of the environment, the performance and quality requirements of the outdoor LED large screen are much higher than other conventional LED displays. So, in order to meet the requirements of the outdoor display, how can the outdoor LED large screen be stable and stable? good effect? Here’s an analysis for you:

1. High-definition display effect

As the main carrier of video advertising, outdoor LED display screen needs to have high-definition display effect. These include high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, etc. High resolution ensures that high-quality advertising pictures can be well presented; high brightness ensures that the picture can be clearly displayed under direct sunlight; high contrast is the color of the picture. A strong guarantee for uniform and delicate images.

2. Energy saving and emission reduction

Outdoor LED displays must respond to the government’s call, and energy conservation and emission reduction must be implemented as important standards in manufacturing, including product power consumption, product scattering performance, and the amount of steel structure required for product installation.

3. High protection level

Because it is used outdoors, the weather environment must be taken into account. The outdoor LED large screen generally needs to reach the protection level of IP68, so that it can fully adapt to all kinds of bad weather, ensuring that the outdoor LED large screen has strong weather resistance and can be used for a long time. , to ensure that the customer’s profit is maximized.

4. Large viewing angle

The main task of the outdoor LED display is to advertise and promote the image. Therefore, letting more audiences see the picture is the primary goal of the outdoor LED display. It adopts a large viewing angle design to cover the viewing angle to the greatest extent.

A good outdoor LED display must have the above four elements at the same time. In addition, Eagerled has an aesthetic design that does not affect the appearance of the building in the outdoor advertising display solution, which is unique in the display of outdoor advertising media.

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