Technology | Four Precautions for Installing LED Displays by the Sea and River

December 19, 2022

The main factors to be considered in the seaside, riverside and other environments are high humidity,

 strong wind, strong ultraviolet rays, and easy water ingress.

1. Humidity: After long-term use, the humidity will cause the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other components of the LED display to be easily oxidized and corroded, resulting in failure. This requires that when we make LED displays, the PCB board should be treated with anti-corrosion, such as three-yellow paint on the surface, and high-quality accessories should be used for the power supply and power cord. The welding place is the most likely place to be corroded. Pay attention to the protection work, especially the frame, which is easy to rust, so it is best to do a good job of anti-rust treatment.

2. Wind force: If the wind force is too strong, the most direct impact is on the installation of the LED display screen. Therefore, before installing the display screen, we must do a force analysis and fully consider the factor of wind force.

3. Ultraviolet rays: Strong ultraviolet rays can easily cause the aging of the surface of the LED display, thereby reducing the use time of the LED display. When making a mask, choosing high-quality materials is beneficial to resist the loss caused by ultraviolet rays.

4. Water ingress: Most of the usual waterproofing mainly considers rainwater, while waterproofing in special environments such as seaside and riversides should be considered more comprehensively, and waterproof measures should be taken from all directions.

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