Technology| The advantages of front service LED screen

August 18, 2022

The maintenance methods of LED display are mainly divided into front service and rear service. Rear service LED display, a maintenance channel must be designed. The overall technical requirements are relatively high, the installation and disassembly are cumbersome, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

With the rise of small-pitch LEDs, pre-installed indoor high-definition LED display products gradually occupy a dominant position in the market. It means that the magnetic component and the LED display box are fixed by magnetic adsorption. When working, the suction cup directly contacts the surface of the front maintenance cabinet, so that the LED screen module structure can be taken out of the cabinet to realize the front maintenance screen.

Compared with rear service, the advantages of front service LED screens are as follows:

1. Save space, maximize the utilization of environmental space, and reduce the difficulty of post-maintenance work.
2. The front maintenance mode supports independent front maintenance, saving the maintenance space on the back of the display screen.
3. It does not need to disassemble the wire, supports quick maintenance work, and the disassembly is simpler and more convenient.
4. When a single point of failure occurs, only a single person needs to disassemble and maintain a single LED or pixel, with high maintenance efficiency and low cost.
5. The front maintenance method can make the overall structure of the display screen thinner and lighter, integrate with the surrounding architectural environment, and highlight the indoor visual expression ability.

Relatively speaking, rear service is not without merit. Its price is slightly lower, suitable for installation scenarios such as roof type and column type, and the inspection and maintenance efficiency is high. Due to different application scenarios, you can choose these two maintenance methods according to actual needs.

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