What are the factors that affect the display effect of LED display?

March 30, 2023

The display effect of the LED display is related to many factors, such as pixel pitch, screen flatness, LED screen white balance effect, use environment, etc. So, what are the specific standards?

1.Pixel pitch

LED signage environments are different, such as outdoor, semi-outdoor, and indoor, and the corresponding waterproof requirements are also different. Outdoor waterproof requirements are high, generally above IP65. According to the use environment, it can be determined whether the scope of purchase is an outdoor full-color screen, a semi-outdoor full-color display or an indoor full-color

The distance between the viewing position and the installed monitor is the line-of-sight distance. This distance is very important, it directly determines the type of display you choose. General indoor full-color videowall models are divided into P1.0, P1.25, P1.53, P2, P2.5, P3 and so on. , Outdoor full-color screen models are divided into P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, p10 and so on. These are conventional, and there are different specifications and models such as special-shaped screens. Only the regular ones are mentioned here. The number after P is the distance between the lamp beads, the unit is mm. Generally, the minimum value of our sight distance is equivalent to the size of the number behind P, that is, the distance between P10 is 10 meters. This method is only a rough estimate.

2. the flatness of the LED screen

Partial bulges or dents on the led display panel for tv will lead to LEDboard dead spots, and the surface flatness must be within 1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted. The LEDvideowall can also improve the contrast of the display through special treatment of the panel and the LED light-emitting tube (the higher the contrast, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the process of light and dark transitions in the screen dynamic)

3.The gray scale of the LED panel

Gray level of LED screen Gray level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of the full-color led screen panel. The higher the gray level, the richer the color and the more gorgeous the color; on the contrary, the display color is single and the change is simple. The improvement of the gray level can greatly enhance the color depth, so that the screen  level of the image color increases geometrically. LED signage, using high-quality LED lights, grayscale up to 16384, low brightness, high grayscale. The picture is clearer and brighter, and the picture quality is more delicate.

4.Stable and safe to use

When the LED display is running, stability and safety are particularly important. The cabinet design of the LED display is very important. An increase in the thermal transition temperature of the element will result in a decrease in image quality. Therefore, a good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an indispensable and important indicator in the cabinet design. On the one hand, it is its circuit protection, on the other hand, it is safe, dustproof and waterproof. At the same time, the supporting power supply can't just look at the low price and ignore the performance and quality. Under different temperature conditions, the working stability, output voltage and load capacity of the power supply will be different. Due to the role of after-sale protection, its safety performance directly affects the image quality.

If you want the LED display to achieve the best display effect, you should also ensure a good use environment. If the actual working temperature exceeds the specified range of use of the product, it will not only shorten its life, but also seriously damage the product itself. Pay attention to the best shooting distance when shooting. For LED screens with different dot pitches and different fill factors, the appropriate shooting distance is different. If the person is too close to the screen, the background will appear grainy when taking close-up shots, and moiré interference will easily appear. In the indoor environment, it is necessary to adjust to the corresponding color temperature. Only when the color temperature of the indoor light is consistent can accurate color reproduction be obtained in shooting.

5.LED screen with or without color block 


LED panel color block refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. Color transitions are based on modules. The color block phenomenon is mainly caused by the poor control system of the LED screen, the gray scale is not high, and the scanning frequency is relatively low.  Therefore, in order to ensure the use of the display effect, according to the requirements of use, choose a high refresh or low refresh module, and the control system should also choose a good quality brand product.

Finally, after understanding the factors that affect the display effect of the LED screen, we can prescribe the right medicine to solve such problems that may be encountered. Everyone is welcome to leave a message to express their views.

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