Technology | What are the main components of an LED display screen

November 06, 2022

LED display mainly consists of the following components

1.LED display screen body

LED display panel body is the panel body by the unit box spliced together, according to the standard includes power supply, fans and a number of internal wires, fully sealed waterproof box structure.

2.Control system

Usually controlled by computer synchronization, it distributes the sending card and the receiving card, the sending card is installed in the control computer, the receiving card is distributed in the body of the display screen, through the network cable or other optical fiber transmission connection. The price of the control system is directly related to the size of the screen. Because the control card is in accordance with the resolution to control the specific number of points, the larger the screen area, the more control cards required. In general, according to the standard configuration of a box a control card.

3.Frame structure

The budget of the frame structure is also based on the size of the screen, and different installation methods will also affect the budget price. Common outdoor LED electronic display panel installation methods are wall-mounted, post-type, wall-mounted, stand-type and so on.

4.Auxiliary equipment

Such as Control Computer, power amplifier audio, air conditioning, video processor, lightning arrester, monitor and so on. Ancillary equipment prices are based on the user's choice of equipment to calculate, and these equipment have to buy, brand models, prices vary.

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