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Technology | Why do you have ripples on the LED screen you took?

December 30, 2022

Many users will encounter this problem,Why Mingming LED displayIt is clear to the naked eye,But when shootingflickering occurs,Why can't I get a picture?


     1. The LED display is divided into two types: high-refresh and normal-refresh. The refresh rate of the high-refresh display can reach 3840Hz/s, and the refresh rate of the normal-refresh display is 1920Hz/s. The high-definition and normal-refresh screens are almost indistinguishable with the naked eye when playing videos and pictures, but they can be distinguished through mobile phones and high-definition cameras.

      2. The ordinary LED screen will have obvious water ripples when taking pictures with a mobile phone, and the picture looks flickering, while the high-refresh screen will not have water ripples.

3. If the requirements are not high or there is no shooting requirement, you can use ordinary brushes. There is not much difference in viewing with the naked eye, the effect is OK, and the price is affordable. There is a big difference between the price of high brush and ordinary brush, and the specific choice depends on customer needs and capital budget.

Advantages of choosing a high-brush LED display

1. Refresh frequency is the speed of screen refresh. The refresh rate is more than 3840 times per second, which we call high refresh rate;

2. The high refresh rate is not prone to smearing;

3. The effect of taking pictures with mobile phones or cameras, reducing the phenomenon of water ripples, smooth as a mirror;

4. The texture of the picture is clear and delicate, the color is vivid, and the degree of restoration is high;

5. The high refresh display screen is more eye-friendly and more comfortable;

Flickering and jittering can cause visual fatigue, and prolonged viewing can cause eye fatigue. The higher the refresh rate, the less damage to the eyes;

6. Conference rooms, command centers, exhibition halls, business halls, smart cities, smart campuses, museums, troops, hospitals, gymnasiums, hotels and other places all use high-brush LED displays to highlight the importance of their functions.

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